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Loxie Butterfield – Asa Butterfield’s Sister | Know About Her

Loxie Butterfield – Asa Butterfield’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

If you’ve heard of Asa Butterfield, the talented actor who has starred in various films and TV shows, you might be curious about his family. As it turns out, Asa has a sister named Loxie Butterfield. In this article, we’ll dive into what we know about Loxie and her connection to the world of entertainment.

Loxie Butterfield
Loxie Butterfield
Quick Facts about Loxie Butterfield
Full Name Loxie Butterfield
Date of Birth N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife N/A(child)
Education N/A
Age 10+
Parents Jacqueline Farr (Mother)
Sam Butterfield (Father)
Siblings Asa Butterfield (Brother)
Marlie Butterfield (Sister)
Morgan Benjamin Butterfield(Brother)
Net Worth Child

Who Is Asa Butterfield?

Before we get to Loxie, let’s briefly introduce Asa Butterfield. Asa was born on April 1, 1997, in Islington, London, England. He’s made a name for himself in the acting world, appearing in movies and TV series that have captured the hearts of many. You might recognize him from films like “Hugo” and “Ender’s Game.”

Asa Butterfield's two siblings
Asa Butterfield’s two siblings

Meet the Family

Now, let’s zoom in on Asa’s family. His parents are Jacqueline Farr and Sam Butterfield. Jacqueline works as a psychologist, while Sam is a writer in the advertising industry. Asa isn’t an only child; he has three siblings: an older brother named Morgan Benjamin Butterfield and two younger sisters, Loxie Butterfield and Marlie Butterfield.

Asa Butterfield with mother Jacqueline Farr
Asa Butterfield with mother Jacqueline Farr

Loxie Butterfield – A Part of the Puzzle

Among Asa’s siblings, Loxie Butterfield stands out. While there isn’t a lot of information readily available about her, we can confirm that she is indeed a member of the Butterfield family. Asa and Loxie share a special bond as siblings.

Asa Butterfield with father Sam Butterfield
Asa Butterfield with father Sam Butterfield

Keeping It Private

You might wonder why there isn’t more information about Loxie Butterfield online. The answer could be that she prefers to keep her life away from the spotlight. Some people in the entertainment industry, like Loxie’s brother Asa, choose to maintain a level of privacy despite their fame.

Asa’s Status

As for Asa Butterfield, it’s worth noting that he is not married, and he doesn’t have any children. This means that Loxie Butterfield, as his sister, is currently leading a life without the responsibilities of being an aunt.

The Importance of Family

In the world of glitz and glamour, it’s essential to remember the importance of family. For Asa Butterfield, having siblings like Loxie and the rest of his family provides him with a strong support system. While the details of Loxie’s life remain private, her presence in Asa’s life is undoubtedly significant.

Asa Butterfield sister Loxie
Asa Butterfield sister Loxie

FAQs About Loxie Butterfield

Who is Loxie Butterfield?

Loxie Butterfield is a relatively private individual and is most notably recognized as the sister of the famous actor Asa Butterfield.

How many siblings does Loxie Butterfield have?

Loxie Butterfield has two known siblings: Asa Butterfield, her older brother, who is a well-known actor, and Marlie Butterfield, her younger sister.

Is Loxie Butterfield married or have children?

There is no public information indicating that Loxie Butterfield is married or has children. Her personal life remains largely undisclosed.

Final Thoughts

Loxie Butterfield is a sister to the famous actor Asa Butterfield. Even though we don’t know a lot about her personal life and work, she is important in her brother’s life. Asa Butterfield is known for being a great actor. He comes from a close-knit family that includes Loxie, and the two of them have a connection that goes beyond Hollywood. Sometimes the most important stories are the ones we don’t hear about, and Loxie’s decision to keep her life private is a lesson that family is a treasure worth protecting.


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