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Madan Chalotra – Anya Chalotra’s Father | Know About Him

Madan Chalotra – Anya Chalotra’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 10, 2024

Anya Chalotra is a British actress who plays Yennefer in the hit Netflix series “The Witcher.” Her father is Madan Chalotra. Since he is Indian, his daughter has a special bond with Indian culture. Madan relocated to Wolverhampton, England, and made his home in the sleepy community of Lower Penn. Anya and her family grew up in this area.

Anya Chalotra father Madan Chalotra
father Madan Chalotra
Quick Facts About Madan Chalotra Details
Full Name Madan Chalotra
Birthdate 1965
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Wife: April Chalotra
Education N/A
Age 59 years and 5 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Son: Arun Chalotra
Daughter: Anya Chalotra, Reeya Chalotra
Net Worth <$1 million

A Family Rooted in Two Cultures

Madan Chalotra wed the British woman April Chalotra. Indian and British cultures coexist in their household. As a result, their kids have a unique blend of customs and life experiences. Anya Chalotra has talked about how her father’s Indian heritage has influenced the way she sees the world. She was born in England, but because of her father, she still has a deep bond with India.

Anya Chalotra mother April Chalotra
Wife April Chalotra

Supporting His Children

Madan Chalotra is the father of three children: his older daughter Reeya, his younger son Arun, and his daughter Anya. He has consistently provided them with assistance. Anya has talked about how supportive her father has been throughout her childhood and how close their family is. Her family remains close and involved despite her rise to fame.

Anya Chalotra’s Visit to India

Anya Chalotra got a chance to visit India in 2019. During this trip, she spoke to Vogue India about her family and her Indian heritage. This trip meant a lot to her because it helped her understand more about her father’s background. It also made her proud of her mixed heritage.

Anya Chalotra brother Arun Chalotra
Son Arun Chalotra

Madan’s Influence on Anya

Madan Chalotra’s background has had a big influence on Anya. She has learned from both the Indian and British sides of her family. This unique mix has given her a broad view of life. She is open to exploring different cultures and wants to learn more about her Indian roots. This curiosity comes from the way her father has shared his experiences with her.

The Chalotra Family Today

The Chalotra family is still a tight-knit group. Anya’s older sister Reeya has her own family now, while her younger brother Arun is following his passion as a photographer. Madan Chalotra and his wife, April, continue to support their children in everything they do.

Anya Chalotra with sister Reeya Chalotra
Anya Chalotra with sister Reeya Chalotra

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FAQs About Madan Chalotra

Who is Madan Chalotra?

Madan Chalotra is the father of Anya Chalotra. He is originally from India but moved to England, where he and his family live in Lower Penn, Wolverhampton.

What is Madan Chalotra’s background?

Madan Chalotra is of Indian descent. He is married to April Chalotra, who is British. Together, they have three children: Anya, Arun, and Reeya.

How many children does Madan Chalotra have?

Madan Chalotra has three children: Anya Chalotra, Arun Chalotra, and Reeya Chalotra. Anya is an actress, Arun is pursuing photography, and Reeya has her own family.

Where does Madan Chalotra live?

Madan Chalotra lives in Lower Penn, a village near Wolverhampton in England, with his family.


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