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Who is Marilyn Best? Monica Denise’s Mother: Uncovering Her Life and Legacy

Who is Marilyn Best? Monica Denise’s Mother: Uncovering Her Life and Legacy

Last updated on: June 20, 2024

Monica Denise Arnold, the celebrated R&B singer, holds a special place in her heart for her mother, Marilyn Best. Let’s delve into the life of Marilyn Best and the significant role she plays in Monica’s journey.

Monica Denise with her mother Marilyn Best
Monica with her mother Marilyn Best
Quick Facts About Marilyn Best Details
Full Name Marilyn Best
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Former Delta Air Lines customer service representative and a church singer
Husband/Wife Husband: M.C. Arnold Jr.
Age 70+ (as of 2023)
Grandchildren Rodney Ramone Hill III, Laiyah Shannon Brown, Romelo Montez Hill, Ramoney Malik Hill
Parents Not Known
Children Daughter: Monica
Son: Jermond Grant Arnold
Son: Montez Arnold
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Family

Marilyn Best entered this world on an unknown date, bringing warmth and love to her family. She is the mother of Monica Denise Arnold, born on October 24, 1980, in College Park, Georgia.

Monica Denise's parents
Monica Denise’s parents

Delta Air Lines and Church Singer:

Marilyn had many jobs. She took care of customers for Delta Air Lines and used her beautiful voice as a church singer. Her vibrant spirit and dedication to her work and family shaped Monica’s upbringing.

The Best-Arnold Family Dynamics

When Monica’s parents, Marilyn Best and M.C. “Billy” Arnold Jr., split up in 1984, things changed in her family. The effects of their split lasted until it was finalized in 1987. It was a big turning point in Monica’s life.

Siblings and Bonds:

In the midst of changes, Monica found solace in her siblings. Montez, her younger brother, was born in 1983. She also has a half-brother called Jermond Grant from her dad’s side. Monica is very close to Montez, who she affectionately calls “Yella” and is both her best friend and guardian.

Monica Denise with her father and brother
Monica Denise with her father and brother

Monica’s Journey to Motherhood

Monica’s journey extends beyond her music career, encompassing her role as a proud mother. Her three children bring joy and fulfillment to her life.

Rodney “Rocko” Jr. and Romelo:

Monica had two boys with rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill. Their names are Rodney “Rocko” Jr. and Romelo. These young hearts enrich Monica’s world, contributing to the tapestry of her experiences.

Laiyah – The Daughter:

Laiyah, her daughter from her marriage to former NBA player Shannon Brown, is a wonderful addition to Monica’s life as a mother. The family dynamic expanded with the arrival of Laiyah, creating lasting memories.

Monica Denise with her parents and children
Monica Denise with her parents and children

The Journey Through Marriage

Monica’s love story includes a significant chapter with former NBA player Shannon Brown. They tied the knot in 2010, celebrating their union with love and commitment.

Marriage to Shannon Brown:

From 2010 to 2019, Monica and Shannon Brown navigated the ups and downs of married life. Even though the trip ended in separation, Monica became stronger and more resilient because of it.

The Vibrancy of Marilyn Best

Marilyn Best’s vibrancy extends beyond the family unit. Monica’s story is shaped by her deep commitment to her job, her love of music, and the difficulties of the complicated relationships in her family.

Birthday Celebrations:

Monica’s love for her mother shines through in grand birthday celebrations. Whether it’s the 69th birthday extravaganza in 2020 or the 61st celebration in 2012, these events capture the essence of family, love, and joy.

Close Ties and Remarriage:

Monica’s mother, after a period of being a single parent, found love again. She remarried Dr. E.J. Best in 1993, marking a new chapter of companionship and support.

Monica Denise with her brother
Monica Denise with her brother

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FAQs About Marilyn Best

Who is Marilyn Best?

Marilyn Best is the mother of R&B singer Monica Denise Arnold. She was born in College Park, Georgia, and played a significant role in shaping Monica’s upbringing.

How many children does Marilyn Best have?

Marilyn Best has at least two children, including Monica Denise Arnold. Monica has a younger brother named Montez and a half-brother named Jermond Grant.

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