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Meet Marli Grace Bennett: Chance the Rapper’s Adorable Daughter

Meet Marli Grace Bennett: Chance the Rapper’s Adorable Daughter

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Marli Grace Bennett, born on August 29, 2019, is the adorable daughter of the renowned rapper, Chance the Rapper (Chancelor Jonathan Bennett), and his wife, Kirsten Corley Bennett. In this article, we’ll delve into the heartwarming details about Marli Grace Bennett and the close-knit family she belongs to.

Chance the Rapper daughter Marli Grace Bennett
daughter Marli Grace Bennett
Quick Facts about Marli Grace Bennett Information
Full Name Marli Grace Bennett
Birthdate August 29, 2019
Age 4 years and 9 months old
Parents Father: Chance the Rapper
Mother: Kirsten Corley Bennett
Siblings Elder sister – Kensli Bennett
Education N/A
Net worth N/A (Child)

A Political Legacy

Chicago-born Chance the Rapper comes from a politically active family. His father, Ken Williams-Bennett, aided Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and Senator Barack Obama. Chance’s mother, Lisa Bennett, helped the Illinois Attorney General.

Chance the Rapper with daughter Marli Grace Bennett
Chance the Rapper with daughter Marli Grace Bennett

Sibling Bond

Marli Bennett shares the spotlight with her older sister Kensli Bennett. Chance’s close bond with his younger brother, Taylor Bennett, who also loves rap, shows his family commitment.

Love Story and Marriage

Chance had his first baby, Kensli, with longterm girlfriend Kirsten Corley in 2015. The couple married in 2019 to advance their romance. Their marriage cemented their love.

Chance the rapper with wife and children
Chance with wife and children

Marli’s Arrival

The year 2019 brought double joy to the Bennett household. In addition to getting married, Chance and Kirsten joyously welcomed their second daughter, Marli Grace Bennett, into the world. Born on August 29, Marli became the youngest member of the Bennett family.

A Pause for Family

Chance the Rapper’s dedication to family is evident in his decision to postpone his tour shortly after Marli’s birth. His focus shifted to spending quality time at home with the newest addition, Marli, along with Kensli and his wife Kirsten. Chance’s family-first approach shows his dedication to critical times.

Chance the rapper family
Chance the rapper family

Celebrating Milestones

Bennetts celebrate birthdays with pleasure and affection. Chance and Kirsten posted photos of Marli’s first and second birthdays on social media, showing their love for their youngest daughter.

A Talented Family

The Bennett family isn’t just about love; it’s also a hub of creativity. With Chance and Taylor both making their mark in the rap scene, it’s evident that talent runs in the family. Marli, being the youngest, is surrounded by an artistic atmosphere that undoubtedly shapes her world.

Chance the Rapper with his daughter Marli Grace Bennett
Chance the with his daughter Marli Grace

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FAQs About Marli Grace Bennett

Who are Marli Grace Bennett’s parents?

Marli Grace Bennett’s parents are Chance the Rapper (Chancelor Jonathan Bennett) and Kirsten Corley Bennett. Chance the Rapper is a renowned rapper and Kirsten is his wife.

When was Marli Grace Bennett born?

Marli Grace Bennett was born on August 29, 2019.

Does Marli have any siblings?

Yes, Marli has an elder sister named Kensli Bennett. The two sisters are part of the Bennett family.

Who are Marli Grace Bennett’s grandparents?

Marli Grace Bennett’s paternal grandparents are Ken Williams-Bennett and Lisa Bennett.


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