Home Celebrity Family Members Meet Mike Drews : Discover Andrea Drews’s Supportive Father!

Meet Mike Drews : Discover Andrea Drews’s Supportive Father!

Meet Mike Drews : Discover Andrea Drews’s Supportive Father!

Last updated on: June 29, 2024

The volleyball player Andrea Drews holds a special place in her heart for Mike Drews. After completing his basketball studies at Ball State University, he spent ten years coaching high school basketball. Mike was born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana, along with Andrea’s siblings, Derek and Erin.

Andrea Drews with her father Mike Drews
Andrea with her father Mike
Quick Facts about Mike Drews Details
Full Name Mike Drews
Birthdate 1965
Occupation Former high school basketball coach
Husband/Wife Married to Carrie Drews
Education Played basketball at Ball State University
Age 59 years and 7 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Daughters: Andrea Drews, Erin Drews
Son: Derek Drews
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Career

Mike Drews was passionate about basketball from a young age. He attended Ball State University, where he played basketball, honing his skills and gaining valuable experience on the court. After college, Mike transitioned into coaching, sharing his love for the sport with high school students for a decade.

Andrea Drews parents Mike and Carrie
Andrea Drews parents Mike and Carrie

Family Life

Mike married Carrie Drews, and together they raised three children: Derek, Andrea, and Erin. Derek followed in his father’s athletic footsteps, attending Western Michigan University on a basketball scholarship. Today, Derek is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing/Co-Owner at Micro Etch Technologies and an Account Manager at Lippert.

Erin, Andrea’s sister, pursued her passion for art and works at the Depree Art Center. She married Jake Courey and resides in Holland, Michigan, where she continues to create and inspire through her artistic talents.

Personal Achievements and Hobbies

Outside of his career in basketball and coaching, Mike Drews enjoys spending time with his family and supporting Andrea in her volleyball career. He values family bonds and cherishes moments spent together, whether it’s cheering on Andrea at her matches or celebrating milestones with Derek and Erin.

Andrea Drews family
Andrea Drews family

Influence on Andrea’s Career

Mike’s influence on Andrea’s life and career cannot be overstated. He provided unwavering support and encouragement as Andrea pursued her passion for volleyball. His background in athletics instilled in Andrea a strong work ethic and determination, qualities that have contributed to her success on the volleyball court.

Current Life

Today, Mike Drews enjoys retirement and continues to reside in Elkhart, Indiana, where he and Carrie remain actively involved in their children’s lives and accomplishments.

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FAQs About Mike Drews

Who is Mike Drews?

Andrea Drews, a well-known volleyball player recognized for her accomplishments in the sport, is the daughter of Mike Drews.

What is Mike Drews’s background?

Mike Drews played basketball at Ball State University and later coached high school basketball for ten years.

What is Mike Drews’s family like?

Mike Drews is married to Carrie Drews, and they have three children: Derek, Andrea, and Erin. Derek played basketball at Western Michigan University, while Erin is an artist at the Depree Art Center.

Where does Mike Drews live now?

Mike Drews currently resides in Elkhart, Indiana, enjoying retirement while remaining actively involved in his family’s lives.


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