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Milano Santos – Romeo Santos’s Son | Know About Him

Milano Santos – Romeo Santos’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: June 6, 2024

Milano Santos is the youngest son of Romeo Santos, the famous Latin singer. Born in 2023, he is the newest addition to Romeo’s family.

Quick Facts About Milano Santos Details
Full Name Milano Santos
Birthdate 2023
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Not Married (Child)
Education N/A
Age 1 years and 6 months old
Parents Romeo Santos (father), Mother’s name not known
Siblings Alex Damian Santos, Valentino, Solano Santos
Children None
Net Worth N/A
Grandfather Francisco Santos
Grandmother Lidia Santos

Family Background

Romeo Santos comes from a hardworking and diverse family. His parents are from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. They moved to the South Bronx in New York City. ​

Romeo’s father, Francisco Santos, worked at a construction site. His mother, Lidia Santos, helped take care of the family. Romeo also has an older sister named Laura Santos.

Romeo Santos’s Children

Romeo Santos is a proud father of four sons. His first son, Alex Damian Santos, was born in 2002. The mother of Alex Damian is not well-known.

Romeo Santos's Son Alex Damian Santos
Alex Damian Santos

With his current partner, Romeo has three more sons. Their names are Valentino, Solano, and Milano Santos.

Milano Santos’s Birth Announcement

Romeo Santos announced the birth of Milano on February 14, 2023. This was a special day for Romeo. He shared the news in his new music video “Solo Conmigo.” In the video, Romeo is seen leaning over Milano’s crib. This was the first time fans saw Milano. The announcement also included news about Romeo’s upcoming U.S. summer stadium tour.

Personal Family Life

Romeo Santos is not married yet. He is in a long-term relationship with his partner. He keeps his partner’s identity private. Romeo often shares moments with his sons.

Growing Up in a Famous Family

Milano Santos is growing up in a famous family. His father, Romeo Santos, is a popular Latin singer. Romeo is known for his smooth voice and romantic songs.

Romeo’s children, including Milano, will have a unique childhood. They will get to see their father perform on big stages. They will also have the chance to travel and meet many people.

The Importance of Family

Romeo Santos values his family greatly. He expresses his love for his kids on a regular basis. He enjoys posting family photos and videos to social media. These intimate moments are adored by his fans.

Romeo desires a happy life for his kids. To support them, he puts in a lot of work. Additionally, he makes an effort to give them meaningful time. He values maintaining this balance between his family and career.

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FAQs About Milano Santos

Who is Milano Santos?

Milano Santos is the youngest son of Romeo Santos, the famous Latin singer. He was born in 2023.

Who are Milano Santos’s parents?

Milano Santos’s father is Romeo Santos, a well-known Latin singer. His mother is Romeo’s current partner, whose identity is kept private.

Does Milano Santos have any siblings?

Yes, Milano Santos has three older brothers:

Is Romeo Santos married?

No, Romeo Santos is not married. He is in a long-term relationship with Milano’s mother, whose identity he keeps private.


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