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Mocha Green – Rod Wave’s Daughter | Know About Her

Mocha Green – Rod Wave’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 12, 2024

A well-known rapper and songwriter is Rod Wave. Despite being well-known for his music, he is a family man. Mocha is the name of one of Rod Wave’s twin children. We’ll discover more about Mocha and her family in this article. We’ll discuss her family, her dad’s work, and the information we currently have about her life.

Rod Wave's Daughter Mocha Green
Daughter Mocha Green
Quick Facts About Mocha Green Details
Full Name Mocha Green
Birthdate June 12, 2020
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Not Married
Age 3 years and 11 months old
Grandparents Rodney Fatz Greene, Mrs Green
Parents Rod Wave (father), Kelsey Dee Coleman (mother)
Siblings Kash Green (twin sister)
Children None
Net Worth <$1 million

Rod Wave and His Family

Rod Wave was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. His real name is Rodarius Marcell Green, but he uses Rod Wave as his stage name. He has a big family. He has two brothers and one sister. His father’s name is Rodney Fatz Greene, but we don’t know his mom’s name. Rod Wave grew up with his family in Florida. He has always said that his family supports him in his career.

Mocha and Her Sister Kash

Mocha is one of Rod Wave’s twin daughters. Her sister’s name is Kash. The twins were born in 2020. Their mom is Kelsey Dee Coleman. She and Rod Wave aren’t married, but they are the parents of the twins. Mocha and Kash are three years old now, and they are growing up fast.

Rod Waves daughters Kash and Mocha
Rod Waves daughters Kash and Mocha

Mocha’s First Public Photos

Rod Wave likes to keep his private life quiet. He doesn’t share many photos of his kids on social media. But in September 2023, Kelsey Dee Coleman shared the first photo of the twins on her Instagram. This was the first time the public saw Mocha and Kash. Since then, more people have been curious about Rod Wave’s family.

Rod Wave’s Life as a Father

Rod Wave is busy with his music career, but he also makes time for his kids. He likes to keep his family life private, so he doesn’t talk much about his daughters. He shared the news about the twins when they were born, but he doesn’t post much about them on social media.

Rod Wave with his Girlfriend Kelsey Dee Coleman
Rod Wave with his Girlfriend Kelsey Dee Coleman

Rod Wave isn’t married to Kelsey, but they share the job of raising Mocha and Kash. There have been some problems between Rod Wave and Kelsey. She accused him of choking her, which is serious. But even with these issues, Rod Wave is still involved in his daughters’ lives.

Mocha’s Life at Home

We don’t know much about Mocha’s life at home. Since Rod Wave keeps things private, there’s not a lot of public information. But we can guess that she and her sister have a lot of family around them. Rod Wave’s parents and siblings live nearby, so Mocha has a lot of relatives to visit.

What the Future Holds for Mocha

Mocha is still young, so it’s hard to say what her future will be like. She is the daughter of a famous rapper, so she might be in the spotlight as she grows up. But for now, she is just a three-year-old who is learning and playing with her sister.

Rod Wave will probably keep his family life private, so we might not see much of Mocha and Kash. But as she grows up, maybe she will choose to be in the spotlight like her dad. Or maybe she’ll choose a quieter life. Only time will tell.

Rod Wave Twin kids
Rod Wave Twin kids

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FAQs About Mocha Green

Who is Mocha?

Mocha is one of the twin daughters of the rapper Rod Wave and his girlfriend, Kelsey Dee Coleman. She was born in 2020 and has a twin sister named Kash.

Who are Mocha’s parents?

Mocha’s father is Rod Wave, a popular rapper and songwriter. Her mother is Kelsey Dee Coleman. Although Rod Wave and Kelsey aren’t married, they are the parents of Mocha and her twin sister.

Does Mocha have any siblings?

Yes, Mocha has a twin sister named Kash.

Does Mocha have other family members?

Yes, Mocha has a large family. Rod Wave has two brothers, Rock Greene and Razio Greene, and one sister. Mocha’s grandfather is Rodney Fatz Greene. Not much is known about Mocha’s grandmother or other family members.


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