Home News Morgan Wallen Receives Medical Clearance to Sing Again After Overcoming Vocal Cord Trauma

Morgan Wallen Receives Medical Clearance to Sing Again After Overcoming Vocal Cord Trauma

Morgan Wallen Receives Medical Clearance to Sing Again After Overcoming Vocal Cord Trauma
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Last updated on: June 7, 2023

A Troubled Voice Silenced

In the world of country music, Morgan Wallen’s voice was a force to be reckoned with. With hit songs like “Wasted on You” and “Thought You Should Know,” he captured the hearts of fans across the nation. However, his journey took a difficult turn when he faced a serious setback that silenced his powerful voice.

Vocal Cord Trauma and Tour Cancellations

In April, Wallen was set to perform at a show in Mississippi when he was forced to cancel at the last minute. Devastating news soon followed – the country star had lost his voice and was unable to perform. His vocal cords had been injured, and the road to recovery seemed uncertain.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Wallen made a difficult decision. He decided to postpone his tour dates for the entire month of May in order to prioritize his health and healing process. It was a challenging time for both Wallen and his devoted fans, who eagerly awaited his return to the stage.

Vocal Rest and Medical Intervention

Wallen’s voice was his instrument, and protecting it became his top priority. Following doctors’ orders, he embarked on a weeks-long vocal rest, giving his vocal cords the time they needed to heal. It was a challenging period for the artist, as he had to refrain from talking and singing, something he loved to do.

During this time, Wallen sought medical intervention to address his vocal cord trauma. He underwent treatments and received guidance from experts at the Vanderbilt Voice Center. The talented musician understood that taking the right steps to recovery was crucial for his long-term vocal health.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After weeks of uncertainty and a grueling journey to restore his voice, a breakthrough came for Wallen. He recently shared a heartfelt update on his Instagram, bringing joy to his millions of followers. The country star revealed that he had been given the green light by his doctor to “talk and sing” again. It was a moment of triumph and relief for Wallen and his fans.

“We Back” – A Comeback on the Horizon

While Wallen hasn’t announced an exact date for his return to the stage, anticipation is building. His next scheduled show is set for June 22 in Chicago. The country music community eagerly awaits his comeback, ready to once again be moved by his powerful vocals and heartfelt performances.

Final Thoughts

Overcoming Obstacles with Determination

Morgan Wallen’s journey back to the stage is a testament to his resilience and determination. Despite facing vocal cord trauma and having to cancel tour dates, he prioritized his health and followed medical advice. Through vocal rest, medical intervention, and unwavering dedication, Wallen has overcome the challenges that silenced him.

As his voice prepares to soar once more, Wallen’s fans eagerly await his return. It is a reminder that setbacks can be conquered, and with determination, one can rise above adversity. The stage is set, and soon, the country star will take his rightful place once again, bringing joy to the hearts of his loyal fans.


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