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Mrs. Greene – Rod Wave’s Mother | Know About Her

Mrs. Greene – Rod Wave’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 16, 2024

Rod Wave is a popular rapper and singer from St. Petersburg, Florida. But let’s talk about someone who has been a big part of his life—Mrs. Greene, his mom.

Rod Wave with mother
Rod Wave with mother
Quick Facts About Mrs. Greene  Details
Full Name Mrs. Greene
Birthdate 1970
Age 54 years and 5 months old
Husband/Wife Rodney Fatz Greene (husband)
Education N/A
Grandchildren Kash and Mocha
Place of Residence St. Petersburg, Florida
Children Sons: Rod Wave, Rock Greene, Razio Greene
Daughter: Miss Green
Net worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Family Background

Rodarius Marcell Green is the full name of Rod Wave. Mrs. Greene is his mother, and Rodney Fatz Greene is his father. All we know about her name is that. Her first name is unknown, but we do know that she has played a significant role in Rod Wave’s life.

Rod Wave father Rodney Fatz Green
Husband Rodney Fatz Green

Rod Wave has three siblings: two brothers and a sister. His brothers’ names are Rock Greene and Razio Greene. His sister’s name isn’t publicly known, but she has graduated from school. The family lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, where Rod Wave grew up.

Strong Family Bonds

Rod Wave often talks about his family and how much they mean to him. They have been very supportive of his music career. He has said that he is very close to his mom and dad, and they have always encouraged him to follow his dreams. This support has helped him become the successful rapper he is today.

About Her Children

Rod Wave has two brothers and one sister, as was previously established. One brother of his is Rock Greene. Razio Greene is the other brother he has. Although we don’t know much about them, they are a close-knit family member of Rod Wave. Although her identity is likewise unknown, his sibling has completed her education. It’s obvious that their family values education.

Rod Wave Family
Rod Wave Family

Rod Wave’s Own Family

Rod Wave has his own family now. He has a girlfriend named Kelsee Dee, and they have twin daughters. Their names are Kash and Mocha. Even though he’s not married yet, he seems happy with his family life. Rod Wave often talks about his daughters in his music and how much he loves them.

More About Mrs. Greene

Mrs. Greene is a grandma as well as a mother. Kash and Mocha, her two adorable grandkids, are hers. Rod Wave has stated that his parents contributed to his upbringing and helped shape the man he is now. Despite not knowing her first name, we are aware of her significance to Rod Wave’s life.

Why Mrs. Greene Is Important

Mrs. Greene is important because she’s part of Rod Wave’s support system. Having family support is crucial for anyone, especially for someone in the music industry. Rod Wave has said that he wouldn’t be where he is today without his family’s support. This shows that Mrs. Greene has made a difference in his life.

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FAQs About Mrs. Greene

Who is Mrs. Greene?

Mrs. Greene is the mother of rapper and singer Rod Wave. Her full name is not publicly known, but she is a key figure in Rod Wave’s life.

Where does Mrs. Greene live?

Mrs. Greene lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where Rod Wave grew up.

How many children does Mrs. Greene have?

Mrs. Greene has four children. Rod Wave is one of them, along with two sons, Rock Greene and Razio Greene, and a daughter whose name is not publicly disclosed.

Does Mrs. Greene have any grandchildren?

Yes, Mrs. Greene has two granddaughters, Kash and Mocha, who are Rod Wave’s twin daughters.


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