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Nancy Dow – Jennifer Aniston’s Mother | Know About Her

Nancy Dow – Jennifer Aniston’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: April 15, 2024

Nancy Dow was an actress, known not just for her roles on TV and in movies, but also as the mother of the famous actress Jennifer Aniston. Let’s take a closer look at who she was and her impact on Jennifer’s life.

Jennifer Aniston's Mother Nancy Dow
Mother Nancy Dow
Quick Facts about Nancy Dow Details
Full Name Nancy Maryanne Dow
Birthdate 22 July 1936, West Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Occupation Actress
Husband John Aniston (m. 1965–1980), Jack Melick (m. 1956–1961)
Died 25 May 2016
Age at Passing Died at 79
Parents Louise (née Grieco) and Gordon McLean Dow
Movies & Shows The Ice House, Hard Copy, Pure
Children Jennifer Aniston (Daughter)
Other Children John Tunis Melick (son), Alex Aniston (son)
Net worth $3 million (Estimated)

Early Life

Nancy was born on July 22, 1936, in West Hartford, Connecticut. She grew up as one of six daughters of Louise and Gordon McLean Dow. Her family was important to her, and she cherished her upbringing.

Acting Career

Nancy followed acting as a career and was successful in both movies and television. She made an impression on the entertainment world by showcasing her talent in a number of roles.

Jennifer Aniston with mother Nancy Dow image
Jennifer Aniston with mother Nancy Dow image

Family Life

Nancy married actor John Aniston, and together they had Jennifer Aniston, who would go on to become a household name in Hollywood. Despite the fame, family remained a central part of Nancy’s life.


Nancy had difficulties throughout her life, including health problems. She persevered in the face of these challenges, with the help of her loved ones.

Relationship with Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and her mother had a strong relationship. Like every mother-daughter relationship, theirs was not without its ups and downs, but their love for one another was clear.

Jennifer Aniston's Half-Brother John T Melick
Son John T Melick

Separation and Remembrance

Nancy and John Aniston eventually separated when Jennifer was young. Despite the separation, Nancy’s influence on Jennifer’s life was profound.


Jennifer Aniston, who frequently talks warmly about her mother and the influence she had on her life, is one way that Nancy’s legacy continues. Jennifer and her loved ones continue to treasure her memory.

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FAQs About Nancy Dow

Who was Nancy Dow?

Nancy Dow was an American actress known for her work in television and film. She was also the mother of actress Jennifer Aniston.

When and where was Nancy Dow born?

Nancy Dow was born on July 22, 1936, in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Who was Nancy Dow married to?

Nancy Dow was married to actor John Aniston, with whom she had her daughter, Jennifer Aniston.

Did Nancy Dow have any other children besides Jennifer Aniston?

No, Jennifer Aniston was Nancy Dow’s only child with John Aniston. However, Nancy had two other sons from a previous marriage, John Tunis Melick and Alex Aniston.

Did Nancy Dow face any health issues?

Yes, Nancy Dow experienced health issues later in her life, including a series of strokes in 2011. These health challenges affected her well-being in her later years.

When did Nancy Dow pass away?

Nancy Dow passed away on May 25, 2016, at the age of 79, after battling illness for some time.


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