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Nick Kocher – Karen Gillan’s Husband | Know About Him

Nick Kocher – Karen Gillan’s Husband | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 22, 2024

Karen Sheila Gillan, the talented Scottish actress famous for her roles in “Doctor Who” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, found love in the arms of Nick Kocher. Let’s delve into who Nick Kocher is and learn more about the man who won Karen Gillan’s heart.

Karen Gillan's Husband Nick Kocher
Karen Gillan’s Husband Nick Kocher
Quick Facts About Nick Kocher
Full Name Nick Kocher
Birthdate 15 January 1986
Occupation Comedian and Writer
Husband of Karen Sheila Gillan
Education N/A
Age 37
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children N/A
Net Worth $2 million
Sense of Humor Quick-witted and humorous
Birthplace United States
Privacy Values a private personal life
Social Media Presence Limited, prefers privacy
Collaborative Partner Brian McElhaney (BriTANicK)

Meet Nick Kocher

Nick Kocher, Karen Gillan’s husband, is an American comedian and writer. While not as well-known as his wife in the entertainment industry, he has made his mark through his comedic talents.

Their Love Story

Karen Gillan and Nick Kocher’s love story blossomed, leading them to tie the knot in 2022. The couple chose to keep their wedding relatively private, opting for a secluded ceremony in Scotland.

Comedic Duo – BriTANicK

Nick Kocher works with his comedy partner, Brian McElhaney, as part of the sketch comedy team BriTANicK. Together, they’ve made a lot of funny sketches that have won over a lot of fans.

A Lavish Scottish Affair

Karen Gillan and Nick Kocher’s wedding was a lavish affair. The couple said their vows at Castle Toward in Dunoon, Scotland. The beautiful Scottish scenery was all around them.

Private Couple

Despite their public profiles, Karen and Nick are known for keeping their personal lives out of the spotlight. They value their privacy and share their moments together sparingly on social media.

Life in Los Angeles

Karen Gillan is from Scotland, but she and her husband, Nick Kocher, now live in Los Angeles, California. The couple planned their first home together. Their California cottage had a touch of Scottish beauty.

Nick’s Sense of Humor

Nick Kocher’s comedic talents are at the core of his identity. He’s known for his quick wit and ability to make people laugh, a quality that likely drew Karen Gillan to him.

The Only Child

Karen Gillan is the only child of her parents, Marie Paterson and John Gillan. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she was raised by her mother, Marie Paterson.

British and Scottish Ancestry

Karen Gillan’s heritage is rich in British and Scottish roots, which connect her to her home country and its cultural traditions.

Caitlin Blackwood – Sibling Connection

Karen Gillan’s family includes her sister, Caitlin Blackwood, who is also an actress. The sisters share a bond not only through their bloodline but also through their shared passion for the performing arts.

No Children Yet

As of now, Karen Gillan and Nick Kocher have not welcomed any children into their lives. They continue to focus on their careers and enjoy their time together as a married couple.

Karen Gillan with her husband
Karen with her husband

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FAQs About Nick Kocher

Who is Nick Kocher?

Nick Kocher is an American comedian and writer known for his comedic talents and his work as part of the sketch comedy duo BriTANicK.

How did Nick Kocher and Karen Gillan meet?

Nick Kocher and Karen Gillan met and fell in love, leading to their marriage. The exact details of their meeting are not widely known, as the couple tends to keep their personal lives private.

When did Nick Kocher and Karen Gillan get married?

Nick Kocher and Karen Gillan got married in May 2022. The wedding ceremony took place at Castle Toward in Dunoon, Scotland.

What is Nick Kocher’s role in BriTANicK?

Nick Kocher is one half of the sketch comedy duo BriTANicK, where he collaborates with Brian McElhaney. Together, they have created numerous humorous sketches and gained a dedicated following.

Where is Nick Kocher originally from?

Nick Kocher is originally from the United States, but specific details about his place of birth and upbringing may not be widely available due to his private nature.

Does Nick Kocher have any children with Karen Gillan?

As of the available information, Nick Kocher and Karen Gillan have not had any children together. They are focused on their careers and personal lives.

What is Nick Kocher’s sense of humor like?

Nick Kocher is known for his quick wit and comedic talents. His sense of humor is a central part of his identity as a comedian.

Final Thoughts

Karen Sheila Gillan shines strongly in the entertainment world, and her husband, Nick Kocher, makes people laugh and cracks them up on stage. Their love story, which led to a secret but expensive wedding in Scotland, is still going on as they try to figure out how to live together in Los Angeles. Nick’s sense of humor goes well with Karen’s talent, so the two of them make a great showbiz pair. Even though they are famous, they value their privacy and tell fans about their story in their own way. As they walk through life hand in hand, this cute couple is sure to have more laughs and love in the future.


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