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Who is Patrick Murphy? Meet Ryan Murphy’s Influential Brother

Who is Patrick Murphy? Meet Ryan Murphy’s Influential Brother

Last updated on: June 26, 2024

Patrick Murphy is the elder brother of Ryan Murphy, the famous swimmer. Patrick was born into a family that loves swimming. His parents, Pat and Katy Murphy, were very supportive. They encouraged their children to swim from a young age. Patrick grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, with his younger siblings, Shannon and Ryan.

Ryan Murphy brother Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Quick Facts About Patrick Murphy Details
Full Name Patrick Murphy
Birthdate 1 Jan 1993
Age 31 years and 6 months old
Occupation Competitive swimmer
Education Bolles School, Jacksonville, Florida; University of Notre Dame
Husband/Wife Cat Galletti
Marriage Year 2018
Residence Colorado Springs
Parents Pat Murphy and Katy Murphy
Siblings Shannon Murphy (elder sister), Ryan Murphy (younger brother)
Children None
Net Worth $1 million (as of 2024)

Swimming Journey

Patrick started swimming when he was very young. He swam with his sister Shannon in summer leagues. This early start helped him develop a love for the sport. Seeing his older siblings swim inspired Ryan to join in. Together, they spent many hours practicing and competing.

Patrick went to the Bolles School in Jacksonville, the same school Ryan later attended. The Bolles School is known for its strong swimming program. Here, Patrick honed his skills and became a competitive swimmer.

Patrick Murphy with wife Cat Galletti
Patrick Murphy with wife Cat Galletti

Education and Career

After high school, Patrick went to the University of Notre Dame. He continued to swim while studying. His dedication to both academics and swimming showed his strong work ethic.

Patrick’s love for swimming didn’t stop after college. He participated in many competitions.

Patrick Murphy with his parents
Patrick Murphy with his parents

Family Life

Patrick and Cat Galletti are wed. They now reside in Colorado Springs after being married in 2018. Professional photography is what Cat does. She owns her own website and focuses on wedding photography. Cat and Patrick both enjoy adventure and travel. They like going on adventures and being outside. They both adore their activities, and Colorado Springs provides them with a full existence.

Patrick Murphy wife Cat Galletti
Patrick Murphy wife Cat Galletti

Influence on Ryan Murphy

Patrick had a big influence on Ryan’s swimming career. When Ryan was just four years old, he decided to try swimming because he saw Patrick and Shannon doing it.

Supportive Family

The Murphy family is very close-knit. Pat and Katy, the parents, played a huge role in supporting their children. Pat worked as a Treasurer at Landstar System, Inc. He is now retired. Katy worked at the University of North Florida.

Shannon, the eldest sibling, studied at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She is now married to Jordan Frieders and lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Ryan Murphy Family
Ryan Murphy Family

Legacy of the Murphy Family

The Murphy family’s tale is one of commitment, encouragement, and swimming passion. Being the older brother, Patrick provided his younger siblings with a solid example. Ryan’s career was shaped in part by his helpful demeanor and his swimming accomplishments.

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FAQs About Patrick Murphy

Who is Patrick Murphy?

Patrick Murphy is the elder brother of Ryan Murphy, the famous American swimmer.

What is Patrick Murphy’s profession?

Patrick Murphy is a competitive swimmer.

Where did Patrick Murphy go to school?

Patrick went to Jacksonville, Florida’s Bolles School. He continued to swim while attending the University of Notre Dame after graduating from high school.

Is Patrick Murphy married?

Yes, Patrick Murphy is married to Cat Galletti. They got married in 2018.

What does Patrick Murphy’s wife do?

Cat Galletti, Patrick Murphy’s wife, is a professional photographer.

Where does Patrick Murphy live now?

Patrick Murphy currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Cat Galletti.


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