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Prince Harry and Meghan’s Podcast Deal with Spotify Comes to an End

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Podcast Deal with Spotify Comes to an End
Prince Harry and Meghan's Podcast Deal with Spotify Comes to an End | Image source: Getty Images

Last updated on: June 16, 2023

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex bid farewell to their podcasting venture

In an unexpected turn of events, Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have decided to end their multimillion-dollar deal with the popular streaming platform Spotify. The couple’s media group, Archewell Audio, had entered into a partnership with Spotify in December 2020, aiming to produce exciting and thought-provoking podcasts for listeners worldwide. However, after just one series, the dynamic duo has bid farewell to their podcasting venture.

The Journey Begins

Shortly after stepping back from their roles as senior members of the British royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan embarked on a new adventure in the world of media. They established Archewell Audio, a platform dedicated to creating engaging and inspiring content. With their sights set on podcasting, the couple aimed to connect with audiences and share stories that would make a positive impact.

A Lucrative Partnership

Prince Harry and Meghan’s partnership with Spotify promised to be a fruitful one. The deal involved a multimillion-dollar agreement, which saw Archewell Audio producing exclusive podcasts for the streaming giant’s platform. Fans around the world eagerly anticipated the couple’s first podcast series, eager to hear their unique perspectives and compelling conversations.

Archetypes: A Promising Start

In the spirit of their commitment to meaningful storytelling, Archewell Audio’s debut podcast series, titled “Archetypes,” graced the airwaves. Led by Meghan Markle herself, each episode explored the extraordinary stories of real people, highlighting the diverse range of experiences and challenges individuals face throughout their lives. Listeners praised the thought-provoking nature of the series, which encouraged introspection and empathy.

The Unexpected Farewell

However, to the surprise of many, Prince Harry and Meghan, along with Spotify, have decided to end their collaboration after just one series. The announcement came in the form of a joint statement, expressing mutual agreement to part ways. While the specific reasons behind this decision remain undisclosed, both parties expressed pride in the series they created together.

Looking Ahead

Though the podcasting journey with Spotify may have come to a close, Prince Harry and Meghan’s passion for storytelling and making a positive impact on the world remains steadfast. The couple continues to explore various avenues to share their voices and connect with audiences on a global scale. Whether through future podcasting endeavors or other creative outlets, their dedication to meaningful content is sure to endure.

Final Thoughts

Prince Harry and Meghan’s multimillion-dollar deal with Spotify has come to an end, signaling a new chapter in their media ventures. While their collaboration produced just one series of captivating podcasts, the impact of their storytelling and the connections they made with listeners are undeniable. As they bid farewell to Spotify, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain determined to use their voices to inspire, uplift, and create positive change in the world.


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