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Priscilla Murray Gibson – Tyrese Gibson’s Mother | Know About Her

Priscilla Murray Gibson – Tyrese Gibson’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 10, 2024

Tyrese Gibson, the renowned actor and singer, has been in the spotlight for his talents and accomplishments. Behind his success is the influence of his family, especially his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson. Let’s delve into the life of this remarkable woman and the role she played in shaping Tyrese’s journey.

Priscilla Murray Gibson with her son Tyrese Gibson
Priscilla Murray Gibson with her son Tyrese Gibson
Quick Facts about Priscilla Murray Gibson Details
Full Name Priscilla Murray Gibson (nee Durham)
Date of Birth N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Husband: Tyrone Gibson
Education N/A
Died February 14, 2022
Parents Not Known
Son Tyrese Gibson
Daughter Shonta Gibson, Salendra Gibson, Nyesha Gibson
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Family Dynamics

Born on December 30, 1978, in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, Tyrese Gibson’s roots are embedded in a family marked by both joys and challenges. His mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, shouldered the responsibility of raising Tyrese and his siblings in a Christian household.

Tyrone Gibson, Tyrese’s father, unfortunately, left the family, leaving Priscilla to navigate the complexities of single parenthood. Despite this challenge, Priscilla remained a pillar of strength, providing love and guidance to Tyrese and his three siblings: Shonta, Salendra, and Nyesha.

Tyrese's father Tyrone Gibson
Tyrese’s father Tyrone Gibson

Two Marriages and Family Expansion

Two notable periods in Tyrese’s personal life were marked by marriages. First, from 2007 to 2009, he was wed to Norma Mitchell. Shayla Somer Gibson, their daughter, became a joy to the family throughout their union.

Tyrese started a new chapter in his life in 2017 when he wed Samantha Lee Gibson. Soraya Lee Gibson is the second daughter born to this union. The family grew, and Tyrese loved the ordinary pleasures of parenting in spite of his notoriety.

Tyrese and his mother
Tyrese and mom Priscilla Murray

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However, life took an unexpected turn, and in December 2020, Tyrese shared on Instagram that he and Samantha had decided to part ways. It was a moment of transition, signaling the challenges that life sometimes presents.

Priscilla’s Role as a Mother

Priscilla Murray Gibson was a major influence in Tyrese’s childhood. Tyrese’s character was molded by her Christian ideals, which gave him a strong moral compass and resilience. Tyrese was grounded by Priscilla’s influence, which reminded him of the value of family and faith in a world that was often adorned with gloss and glamour.

A Tragic Loss – Priscilla’s Passing

Tyrese Gibson had a gloomy day on February 14, 2022, along with his family. Tyrese’s mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, passed away. Pneumonia and COVID-19 complications were the reason of her death. Tyrese shared the devastating update on social media after receiving a bombshell of news.

A person’s very existence is touched by the intense and emotional experience of losing a parent. Tyrese shared his suffering with fans and followers by candidly expressing his anguish. The public’s outpouring of support demonstrated the influence Priscilla had on Tyrese’s life as well as the lives of those who watched the family with admiration.

Remembering Priscilla Murray Gibson

In remembering Priscilla Murray Gibson, it’s essential to focus not only on her passing but also on the legacy she leaves behind. As a mother, her influence shaped Tyrese Gibson into the man he is today. Her love, teachings, and the Christian values she instilled in him became the foundation for his success and resilience.

Tyrese’s journey, marked by both triumphs and tribulations, reflects the strength he gained from the lessons taught by his mother. Priscilla’s impact goes beyond the entertainment world; it resonates in the values and principles that guide Tyrese’s life.

FAQs About Priscilla Murray Gibson

Who is Priscilla Murray Gibson?

Priscilla Murray Gibson was the mother of renowned actor and singer Tyrese Gibson.

When did Priscilla Murray Gibson pass away?

Priscilla Murray Gibson passed away on February 14, 2022, after battling COVID-19 and pneumonia.

What was the cause of Priscilla Murray Gibson’s death?

Priscilla Murray Gibson’s cause of death was complications arising from COVID-19 and pneumonia.

How many children did Priscilla Murray Gibson have?

Priscilla Murray Gibson had four children, including Tyrese Gibson. The names of her other children are Shonta Gibson, Salendra Gibson, and Nyesha Gibson.

Did Priscilla Murray Gibson have grandchildren?

Yes, Priscilla Murray Gibson had grandchildren. Tyrese Gibson’s daughters, Shayla Somer Gibson and Soraya Lee Gibson, are Priscilla’s grandchildren.


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