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Get to Know Reginae Carter: Toya Johnson’s Daughter and Reality TV Star

Get to Know Reginae Carter: Toya Johnson’s Daughter and Reality TV Star

Last updated on: June 12, 2024

Reginae Carter is someone you might have heard about if you follow celebrity news. She’s the daughter of Toya Johnson, who you might also know from TV shows. ‚Äč

Toya Johnson daughter Reginae Carter
daughter Reginae Carter
Quick Fact About Reginae Carter Details
Full Name Reginae Carter
Birthdate November 29, 1998
Occupation Social media influencer, model
Husband/Wife Not married
Education N/A
Age 25 years and 6 months old
Parents Toya Johnson (mother), Lil Wayne (father)
Siblings Younger sister: Reign Ryan Rushing
Children None
Net Worth $3 million (as of 2024)

Growing Up with Famous Parents

Reginae was born on November 29, 1998, making her a Sagittarius. Her mom, Toya Johnson, is a well-known personality, and her dad is the famous rapper Lil Wayne. This means Reginae has been in the spotlight since she was born.

Toya Johnson with daughter Reginae Carter
Toya Johnson with daughter Reginae Carter

Family Ties

Toya Johnson comes from a big family. She has siblings, Rudy, Walter Johnson Jr, Anisha, Casey, and Josh. They all get along well and are close to each other. Reginae has a strong bond with her mom and her siblings.

Early Life

Reginae’s parents, Toya and Lil Wayne, were high school sweethearts. They had Reginae when Toya was just 15 years old. Even though they were young parents, they did their best to take care of Reginae.

Toya Johnson's Daughters
Toya Johnson’s Daughters

Life in the Public Eye

Reginae grew up in constant public view due to her well-known parents. She’s accustomed to attention and cameras. She has however succeeded in forging her own identity and earning recognition for her own achievements.

Blossoming into Adulthood

Reginae has developed into a self-assured young lady. She’s well-known for being more than just Toya Johnson’s daughter; she’s accomplished success in her own right. Reginae has amassed a sizable online fan base and become a social media celebrity.


Reginae isn’t an only child. She has a younger sister named Reign Ryan Rushing. Reign was born in 2018 and is still a little kid. Despite their age difference, Reginae and Reign share a special bond as sisters.

Love and Loss

Reginae’s life has had its share of highs and lows. Both her younger brother, Josh, and her older brother, Rudy, passed away. Reginae has persevered and remained strong in the face of these catastrophes.

Toya Johnson with her hex husband Lil Wayne
Toya Johnson with her hex husband Lil Wayne

Finding Love Again

Toya Johnson found love again with Robert Rushing, a sports manager and fitness company owner. They got married in 2022, adding to the love and happiness in Reginae’s life.

Following Her Dreams

Reginae is following her dreams and making a name for herself. She’s not just known as Toya Johnson’s daughter; she’s known for her own talents and achievements. Reginae is proving that she’s more than just her famous parents.

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FAQs About Reginae Carter

Who is Reginae Carter?

A well-known figure in the entertainment business is Reginae Carter. She is the daughter of rapper Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson, better known as Toya Johnson-Rushing.

When was Reginae Carter born?

Reginae Carter was born on November 29, 1998. This makes her a Sagittarius, according to astrology.

Who are Reginae Carter’s parents?

Reginae Carter’s parents are Toya Johnson and Lil Wayne. Toya Johnson is a television personality, and Lil Wayne is a famous rapper.

Does Reginae Carter have siblings?

Yes, Reginae Carter has a younger sister named Reign Ryan Rushing. Reign was born in 2018 and is the daughter of Toya Johnson and her husband, Robert Rushing.


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