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Richard C. Daddario – Alexandra Daddario’s Father | Know About Him

Richard C. Daddario – Alexandra Daddario’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 7, 2024

Richard C. Daddario is the father of actress Alexandra Daddario, known for her roles in “Baywatch” and “Percy Jackson & the Olympians.” Richard’s career is impressive, and his family is quite talented. Here’s what you need to know about him.

Alexandra Daddario's father Richard Daddario
Father Richard Daddario
Quick Facts About Richard C. Daddario Details
Full Name Richard C. Daddario
Birthdate 1951
Occupation Prosecutor, former head of the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit
Husband/Wife Christina Daddario (Lawyer)
Education Georgetown University Law Center
Age 73 years and 5 months old
Parents Emilio Q. Daddario (Father)
Siblings Not Known
Children Alexandra Daddario, Matthew Daddario, Catharine Daddario
Net Worth $2 million

Richard’s Career

Richard Daddario held a significant position in the police. He was a prosecutor, a lawyer who brings legal action against those who violate the law. He oversaw the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the New York Police Department as well. Preventing attacks on the city is the main task of this position. Richard carried out this significant duty with excellence.

His Family Background

Richard is married to Christina Daddario. She’s a lawyer, too. Together, they have three children: Alexandra, Matthew, and Catharine. Alexandra is the oldest, and she’s famous for acting. Matthew, the middle child, is also an actor. Catharine, the youngest, is a social media star. The Daddario family is very close, and they are all doing interesting things.

Matthew Daddario mother Christina Daddario
Wife Christina Daddario

A Family with Deep Roots

The Daddarios are not only known for acting and law. They also have a history in politics. Richard’s father, Emilio Q. Daddario, was a congressman from Connecticut. That means he worked in Washington, D.C., making laws. It’s pretty cool to have a grandpa who was a politician.

Alexandra’s Success

In TV series and films, Alexandra Daddario has gained popularity. She portrayed Annabeth in “Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” and a lifeguard in “Baywatch.” She performed in further films and television shows. Because Alexandra is an amazing actor and has a beautiful smile, she has a large fan base. She worked really hard to become a star, but her parents gave her some skill.

Alexandra Daddario with her sister Catharine Daddario
Alexandra Daddario with her sister Catharine Daddario

Richard’s Connection to Alexandra

Daddario, Richard C., is pleased with his daughter Alexandra. He had a serious job, but he never stopped encouraging her to pursue her goals. He urged her to listen to her intuition. He’s glad to see her succeeding in Hollywood now. He is happy that she is able to pursue her passion of acting, knowing how much she adores it.

Other Family Highlights

Richard has a famous family in other ways, too. His son Matthew is known for his role in the TV show “Shadowhunters.” Catharine, the youngest, has a lot of followers on social media. It’s not every day that all the siblings in a family are well-known. This family has something special.

Catharine Daddario brother Matthew Daddario
Son Matthew Daddario

Richard’s daughter Alexandra got married to Andrew Form in 2022. Andrew is a film producer. It’s another exciting chapter in the Daddario family’s story.

What Makes Richard Daddario Unique?

Richard Daddario has had a unique career. He worked to keep New York City safe. At the same time, he raised a family that became famous in acting and social media. It’s a balance that not everyone can manage, but he did it with style.

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FAQs About Richard C. Daddario

Who is Richard C. Daddario?

The actress Alexandra Daddario is the daughter of former prosecutor Richard C. Daddario. He oversaw the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the New York Police Department as well.

Is Richard C. Daddario married?

Yes, Richard C. Daddario is married to Christina Daddario, a lawyer.

How many children does Richard C. Daddario have?

Richard C. Daddario has three children: Alexandra Daddario, Matthew Daddario, and Catharine Daddario. All three have careers in the entertainment industry.

What is the family background of Richard C. Daddario?

Richard C. Daddario hails from a political family with a long history. Emilio Q. Daddario, his father, was a congressman from Connecticut. Because of his kids, Richard’s family has strong ties to the entertainment sector.


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