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Robert Brown – Millie Bobby Brown’s Father | Know About Him

Robert Brown – Millie Bobby Brown’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 17, 2024

Robert Brown is the father of the talented actress Millie Bobby Brown. He has been a big support in her journey to becoming a famous actress. Let’s learn more about Robert Brown, his background, and how he has helped Millie reach her dreams.

Millie Bobby Brown's Father Robert Brown
Robert Brown
Quick Facts about Robert Brown
Full Name: Robert Brown
Birthdate: 1967
Occupation: Former Real Estate Agent and Teeth Whitening Business Owner
Husband/Wife: Kelly Brown
Age: 57 years and 5 months old
Children: Daughter: Millie Bobby Brown
Son: Charlie Brown
Daughter: Paige Brown
Daughter: Ava Brown
Net Worth: $1 million (approx.) as of 2023

Early Life and Background:

Robert Brown was born in England in 1967. Not much is known about his early life, like his parents and siblings. But we do know that he has always been a loving father to Millie.

Millie Bobby Brown with father Robert Brown
Millie Bobby Brown with father Robert Brown

Supporting Millie’s Dreams:

Robert noticed Millie’s love for acting from a young age. He has been there for her, encouraging and supporting her dreams. To help Millie pursue acting, Robert and his wife Kelly Brown made some big sacrifices. They sold their belongings and moved to Hollywood, hoping Millie would get auditions for acting roles. It wasn’t easy, and they faced many challenges, but they never gave up on Millie.

Millie Bobby Brown's Mother Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

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Family Life and Sacrifices:

Robert and Kelly Brown are a British couple who moved to Spain. That’s where Millie was born. Later, they moved back to the United Kingdom and then to Orlando, Florida, to give Millie better opportunities. These moves show how much they believe in Millie and her dreams.

Family Members


Kelly Brown


He has 3 daughters and a son.

Millie Bobby Brown (Daughter)

Ava Brown (Daughter)

Charlie Brown (Son)

Paige Brown (Daughter)

Millie Bobby Brown with siblings
Millie Bobby Brown with siblings

Robert Brown’s Work:

We don’t know a lot about Robert’s job, but he has been described as an estate agent, manager, and businessman. His flexible nature and willingness to support Millie’s dreams have been important in her success. He even enrolled Millie in a weekend stage program so she could improve her acting, dancing, and singing skills.

FAQs About Robert Brown

Who is Robert Brown?

Robert Brown is the father of Millie Bobby Brown, the talented actress known for her role in “Stranger Things.”

When and where was Robert Brown born?

Robert Brown was born in 1967 in England, United Kingdom.

What is Robert Brown’s profession?

Robert Brown worked as a real estate agent and also owned a teeth whitening business.

Tell me about Robert Brown’s family.

Robert is married to Kelly Brown, and together they have four children—Millie, Paige, Charlie, and Ava. The family has moved between England, Spain, and Orlando, Florida.

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