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Robert Lee Parton Jr – Dolly Parton’s Brother | Know About Him

Robert Lee Parton Jr – Dolly Parton’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 10, 2024

Did you know that Dolly Parton, the famous country music star, comes from a big family? One of her brothers is Robert Lee Parton Jr. Let’s take a closer look and learn more about him.

Quick Facts About Robert Lee Parton Jr.
Full Name Robert Lee Parton Jr.
Birthdate 18 February 1948
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife N/A
Education N/A
Age 75 years
Parents Robert Lee Parton, Avie Lee Owens
Grandparents Rena Kansas OwensWalter PartonBessie RayfieldJake Robert Owens
Influence Surrounded by Musical Family
Connection to Music Shared Passion with Siblings
Role in the Family Supported Dolly’s Success
Career Path Embraced Family Bonds
Legacy Part of Dolly Parton’s Story
Connection to Mountains Inspired by Scenic Beauty
Personal Pursuits Notable Contribution to Family
Remembered For Musical Family Legacy

Growing Up in the Mountains

Robert Lee Parton Jr. was born into a large family of twelve siblings. They all lived together in a small cabin near the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Tennessee’s Sevier County. This cabin was their cozy home where they shared many memories.

Music in the Family

Music was like a friend to the Parton family. Their mother, Avie Lee Parton, could sing like a bird and play musical instruments too. They often sang together at special events, like weddings and church gatherings. This love for music surrounded Robert Jr. as he grew up.

Dolly’s Influence

Dolly Parton, Robert’s famous sister, had a special place in his life. She was gifted a guitar when she was young and learned to play it. This love for music was something she shared with Robert Jr. Her journey into the music world inspired him too.

A Connection to the Mountains

The Smoky Mountains were not just the backdrop of their home. They also played a big role in the family’s life. The breathtaking landscape and the peaceful mountains influenced Dolly and Robert Jr.’s love for music. The beauty of the mountains became a part of who they were.

Dolly’s Journey and Robert Jr.’s Support

As Dolly’s music career took off, Robert Jr. was there to support her. Even though he didn’t step into the spotlight like his sister, he was proud of her achievements. He watched as Dolly’s music spread joy to people all around the world.

The Parton Siblings

Robert Lee Parton Jr. was one of eleven siblings who shared a bond that couldn’t be broken. His brothers and sisters had unique names like Stella, Willadeene, Rachel, Randy, Freida, Larry, Floyd, Cassie, Coy, and David. Each sibling added something special to the family.

Life’s Passages

In life’s journey, there are moments that bring both happiness and sorrow. Robert Jr.’s life was no different. He, along with his siblings, faced challenges and celebrated successes. Through it all, they leaned on each other, showing the strength of family.

Remembering Robert Lee Parton Jr.

While Robert Jr. might not have been as well-known as his sister Dolly, his presence in the Parton family was important. He was a piece of the puzzle that made the family unique. He shared a connection with the mountains and the music that his family cherished.

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FAQs About Robert Lee Parton Jr.

Who is Robert Lee Parton Jr.?
Robert Lee Parton Jr. is one of the siblings of the famous country music star Dolly Parton. He was born into a family of twelve siblings and grew up near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee’s Sevier County.
How did the family’s upbringing influence Robert Lee Parton Jr.?
Growing up in a small cabin near the Smoky Mountains, Robert Jr. was surrounded by a family that loved music. His mother, Avie Lee Parton, was a talented singer and musician, and they often sang together at various events.
How did Robert Lee Parton Jr. support Dolly Parton’s success?
Robert Jr. didn’t want to be in the spotlight like his sister, Dolly, but he was proud of her success and helped her throughout her singing career.
What were the names of Robert Lee Parton Jr.’s siblings?
Robert Jr. had eleven siblings, each with unique names. Some of his siblings include Stella, Willadeene, Rachel, Randy, Freida, Larry, Floyd, Cassie, Coy, and David.

Final Thoughts

Robert Lee Parton Jr., Dolly Parton’s brother, was a part of a big family that loved music and each other. Growing up near the Smoky Mountains, his life was intertwined with the melodies of their mother’s songs. His support for Dolly’s success and his place in the family’s story made him an important figure. Though he might not have had the same spotlight, he was a key part of the Parton family’s journey through the mountains and music.


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