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Robert Ostrosky – Beth Stern’s Father | Know About Him

Robert Ostrosky – Beth Stern’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: April 3, 2024

For Beth Stern, Robert Ostrosky‘s fathering role is everything. He has cultivated a close relationship with his sons and daughter by making time for them despite his work obligations.

Beth Stern's Father Robert Ostrosky
Robert Ostrosky
Quick Facts about Robert Ostrosky Details
Full Name Robert Ostrosky
Birthdate 1945
Occupation Dentist
Husband/Wife Judy Ostrosky (née Jarema)
Education N/A
Age Birthdate not provided.
Parents Not Known
Daughter Beth Stern
Sons Doug Ostrosky, Dave Ostrosky
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Family Roots

Beth Stern’s family roots run deep in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her parents, Judy (née Jarema), and Robert Ostrosky, have been pivotal in her upbringing. Robert, a dentist by profession, shares a close bond with his daughter, Beth.

Beth Stern with brothers Doug Ostrosky and Dave Ostrosky
Beth Stern with brothers Doug Ostrosky and Dave Ostrosky

Early Life

Robert Ostrosky’s journey began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His wife, Judy, was a former model, and together they raised Beth in a loving household alongside her two brothers, Doug and Dave.

Professional Life

As a dentist, Robert Ostrosky has dedicated his career to oral health care. His profession reflects his commitment to helping others maintain healthy smiles.

Legal Matters

In recent years, Robert Ostrosky’s name has surfaced in discussions related to legal matters. While specifics are scarce, it’s evident that legal issues have been part of his life, as discussed in online forums and articles.


Beth Stern’s life revolves around Robert Ostrosky’s status as her father. He has a close relationship with his sons and daughter and has always found time for them despite his professional obligations.

Marriage to Judy Ostrosky

Robert’s life revolves around his marriage to Judy Ostrosky. They have raised their kids in a nurturing and encouraging environment, teaching ideals that have molded Beth into the woman she is today.

Beth Stern's Mother Judy Ostrosky
Wife Judy Ostrosky

Impact on Beth’s Life

Robert Ostrosky’s influence on Beth Stern’s life cannot be overstated. His support and guidance have helped her navigate the challenges of fame and success in the entertainment industry.

Animal Welfare Advocacy

In addition to his professional and family responsibilities, Robert Ostrosky shares his daughter’s passion for animal welfare. Together with Beth and her husband, Howard Stern, they have dedicated rooms in their homes for fostering cats and kittens in need, showcasing their commitment to helping animals in distress.

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FAQs About Robert Ostrosky

Who is Robert Ostrosky?

Actress, author, and model Beth Stern is the daughter of Robert Ostrosky.

What is Robert Ostrosky’s profession?

As a dentist by trade, Robert Ostrosky is committed to giving his patients excellent dental health care.

Where is Robert Ostrosky from?

Robert Ostrosky hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he has deep family roots.

Who is Robert Ostrosky married to?

Robert Ostrosky is married to Judy Ostrosky (née Jarema), a former model, with whom he shares a close-knit family.

Does Robert Ostrosky have children?

Yes, Robert Ostrosky has children. He is the father of Beth Stern and her two brothers, Doug and Dave.


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