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Samantha Boscarino : Discover Shane Harper’s Girlfriend’s Story!

Samantha Boscarino : Discover Shane Harper’s Girlfriend’s Story!

Last updated on: June 21, 2024

Samantha Boscarino and Shane Harper have been a couple since 2017. They first met while working on the Disney show “Good Luck Charlie.”

Samantha Boscarino
Samantha Boscarino
Quick Facts about Samantha Boscarino Details
Full Name Samantha Boscarino
Birthdate December 26, 1994
Occupation Actress
Husband Shane Harper (Engaged)
Height 1.65 m
Age 29 years and 6 months old
Parents Ginna and Robert Samuel Boscarino
Siblings Sister: Lea Boscarino
Children None
Net Worth $8 million (as of 2024)

Early Years and Career

Samantha Boscarino grew up with a passion for acting. She starred in various TV shows and movies before landing her role on “Good Luck Charlie.” Her talent and hard work helped her become successful.

Shane Harper with Samantha Boscarino
Shane Harper with Samantha Boscarino

Meeting Shane Harper

On the set of “Good Luck Charlie,” Samantha met Shane Harper. They played together in the show, and their friendship grew into something more over time.

Samantha Boscarino's Parents
Samantha Boscarino’s Parents

Their Relationship

Since December 2017, Samantha Boscarino and Shane Harper have been together. They’ve kept their relationship private but have been seen at events together.

Shared Interests

Both Samantha and Shane share a love for acting and music. They support each other’s careers and enjoy spending time together.

Samantha Boscarino's Sister Lea Boscarino & Mother
Samantha Boscarino’s Sister Lea Boscarino & Mother

Engagement Announcement

In 2024, Samantha Boscarino and Shane Harper shared exciting news: they got engaged! They announced it on social media, and fans were thrilled for them.

Personal Life

Outside of acting, Samantha enjoys spending time with friends and family. She likes to travel and explore new places.

Samantha Boscarino's Father
Samantha Boscarino’s Father

Impact on Fans

Fans of Samantha Boscarino and Shane Harper admire their relationship. They look up to them as role models in love and career success.

Samantha Boscarino's Mother
Samantha Boscarino’s Mother

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FAQs About Samantha Boscarino

Who is Samantha Boscarino?

Actress Samantha Boscarino gained recognition for her work in a number of TV series and motion pictures, most notably for playing Skyler in the Disney sitcom “Good Luck Charlie.”

When did Samantha Boscarino start her acting career?

Samantha Boscarino began her acting career at an early age, making appearances in advertisements before getting casts in TV shows. Her breakthrough performance occurred when she was cast in “Good Luck Charlie.”

What other TV shows and movies has Samantha Boscarino been in?

Aside from “Good Luck Charlie,” Samantha Boscarino has appeared in shows like “How to Rock” and “The Perfect Daughter.” She has also been in movies such as “The Cheerleader Murders” and “The American Mall.”

Is Samantha Boscarino married?

As of 2024, Samantha Boscarino is engaged to Shane Harper, whom she has been dating since 2017. They announced their engagement in 2024.


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