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Sandra Parsons – Kelly Brook’s Mother | Know About Her

Sandra Parsons – Kelly Brook’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 14, 2024

Are you curious to know more about Sandra Parsons, the mother of the well-known British actress and model Kelly Brook? Let’s explore the life of this supportive mom who’s been by Kelly’s side as she pursued her career and made headlines.
Kelly Brook's Mother Sandra Parsons
Kelly Brook’s Mother Sandra Parsons
Quick Facts about Sandra Parsons
Full Name: Sandra Parsons
Date of Birth: N/A
Occupation: Cook
Husband/Wife: Kenneth Parsons
Education: N/A
Age: 70+ (as of 2023)
Parents: N/A
Children: Kelly Brook (Daughter)
Damian Parsons (Son)
Net Worth: <$1 million

Who Is Sandra Parsons?

Sandra Parsons is a mother who has been there for her daughter, Kelly Brook, from the very beginning. Holly Parsons was born on November 23, 1979, in Rochester, UK. She is the daughter of Sandra Parsons and her husband Kenneth Parsons. Sandra’s supportive presence in Kelly’s life is truly remarkable.
Kelly Brook's Father Kenneth Parsons
Kelly Brook’s Father Kenneth Parsons

Kelly’s Family

Kelly Brook comes from a close-knit family. She has an older half-sister named Sasha and a younger brother named Damian Parsons. With a background in cooking, Sandra Parsons has instilled the importance of family bonds in her children.

Sandra’s Role

Sandra worked as a cook, and her dedication to her family was evident. Her role as a mother has been essential in shaping Kelly’s life. She has always encouraged her daughter to pursue her dreams, even when Kelly made unconventional choices in her career.
Kelly Brook with her mother Sandra Parsons
Kelly with her mother Sandra Parsons

Love and Support

One standout moment of Sandra’s support was when Kelly decided to pose for an X-rated French magazine. Sandra stood by her daughter, defending her choice, and expressing her delight at Kelly’s confidence and decisions.

Kelly Brook’s Marriage

In 2022, Kelly Brook married Jeremy Parisi. It marked a new chapter in her life, and Sandra Parsons was there to celebrate this significant moment with her daughter. As of the information’s date, the couple did not have children.
Kelly Brook with her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi
Kelly with her husband Jeremy Parisi

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FAQs About Sandra Parsons

Who is Sandra Parsons?
Sandra Parsons is the mother of British actress and model Kelly Brook.
What is Sandra Parsons’ profession?
Sandra Parsons worked as a cook, and she dedicated herself to her family.
Who is Sandra Parsons married to?
Sandra Parsons is married toKenneth Parsons.
How many children does Sandra Parsons have?
Sandra Parsons has at least two children, including Kelly Brook and a younger son named Damian Parsons.
What is Sandra Parsons known for?
Sandra Parsons is known for her supportive role in Kelly Brook’s life and career. She has defended her daughter’s career choices and expressed her delight at Kelly’s decisions.

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