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Shawn Spieth – Jordan Spieth’s Father | Know About Him

Shawn Spieth – Jordan Spieth’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 12, 2024

In the exciting world of golf, there are not only talented players, but also families who cheer them on and help them along the way. Shawn Spieth, the proud father of pro golfer Jordan Spieth, is one of these people. Let’s learn more about Shawn Spieth and how he influences his son’s life and career.

A Supportive Father

Shawn Spieth is a loving and supportive father who has always been there for Jordan. He has been a constant presence at sporting events, cheering on his son and offering encouragement. Whether it’s a local tournament or a major championship, Shawn can often be spotted in the gallery, proudly supporting Jordan’s golfing endeavors.

Caddying for Jordan

On some special occasions, Shawn Spieth has even taken on the role of caddie for Jordan. In 2020, at the Zozo Championship, Shawn stepped in as Jordan’s caddie when his regular caddie was unable to attend. This shows the strong bond between father and son, as Shawn was willing to step up and support Jordan during an important tournament.

Golfing Together

Not only has Shawn supported Jordan from the sidelines, but he has also had the opportunity to join his son on the golf course. In 2022, both Shawn and Jordan participated as rookies in the PNC Championship, a unique event where professional golfers team up with a family member. It was a special experience for Shawn and Jordan to compete together and showcase their skills as a father-son duo.

A Proud Parent

Shawn Spieth takes great pride in his son’s achievements. Jordan Spieth is a famous golfer who has won several major tournaments. Shawn’s unwavering support and belief in Jordan’s abilities have played a crucial role in his success.

Life Beyond Golf

While Shawn Spieth is most well-known for his connection to the world of golf through his son, there is more to his life than just the sport. Shawn is an alumnus of Saucon Valley High School and Lehigh University, where he pursued his education and developed important skills for his own professional journey.

Shawn Spieth Family

Shawn Spieth's Family - Wife Chris, Children Jordan, Steven and Ellie
Shawn Spieth’s Family – Wife Chris, Children Jordan, Steven and Ellie

Wife – Chris Spieth

Shawn Spieth’s wife is Chris Spieth. Chris Spieth played basketball at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, showcasing her own athletic abilities. She later pursued a career as a computer engineer and worked at Neiman Marcus. Together with Shawn, Chris has been a supportive presence in their children’s lives, including Jordan Spieth’s golfing career.


Shawn Spieth's Children
Shawn Spieth’s Children

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is Shawn Spieth’s eldest son and the most well-known member of the family. He has achieved great success as a professional golfer, winning major championships and becoming a prominent figure in the sport. Shawn has played a significant role in supporting Jordan’s golfing journey, attending his tournaments and even caddying for him on some occasions.

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Steven Spieth

Shawn Spieth and Chris Spieth have a son named Steven Spieth. Steven is a talented basketball player who stands at an impressive height of 6-foot-6. He has played as a junior guard for the Brown University basketball team. Steven’s athletic abilities, like his older brother Jordan’s, seem to run in the family.

Ellie Spieth

Shawn Spieth and Chris Spieth’s youngest child is their daughter Ellie Spieth. Ellie has a neurological disorder and has been an inspiration to Jordan, who has referred to her as his “hero”. Her impact on the family is evident, and she serves as a source of strength for her loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Shawn Spieth is Jordan Spieth’s proud father, and he has been a rock of support for his son’s golf career. Shawn has been a big part of Jordan’s success, from cheering him on from the sidelines to caddying for him on a few occasions. Jordan’s development as a golfer has been helped by his love, encouragement, and presence. As the Spieth family continues to make a name for itself in the world of golf, Shawn’s support for his talented son is a constant source of strength.

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