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Stanley Dwight – Elton John’s Father | Know About Him

Stanley Dwight – Elton John’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 13, 2024

Sir Elton John, the renowned musician, owed much in his life to his father Stanley Dwight. Their relationship was nevertheless complicated and full of difficulties. Let’s explore Stanley Dwight’s life to learn more about his impact on one of the most recognizable musicians.

Elton John's father Stanley Dwight
father Stanley Dwight
Quick Facts about Stanley Dwight Details
Full Name Stanley Dwight
Birthdate January 24, 1925
Occupation Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force
Husband/Wife Wife: Sheila Eileen Harris
Died December 1991
Age Died at 66 years
Parents Edwin Dwight (father), Ellen Shirley (mother)
Siblings Frederick, Edwin George, Dennis, Ivy, Percy
Children Elton JohnGeoff Dwight, Stan Dwight, Robert DwightSimon Dwight
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Background

Stanley Dwight was born on January 24, 1925, in Erith, Kent, UK, to Edwin Dwight and Ellen Shirley. He grew up alongside several siblings, including Frederick, Edwin George, Dennis, Ivy, and Percy. Stanley’s upbringing in a large family likely shaped his character and values.

Elton John with mother Sheila Eileen
Elton John with mother Sheila Eileen

Military Service and Family Life

Stanley Dwight served in the Royal Air Force as a Flight Lieutenant. His military background instilled discipline and a sense of duty in him. In 1945, he married Sheila Eileen Harris, with whom he had a son, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, who later adopted the stage name Elton John. However, their marriage encountered challenges, leading to divorce when Elton was still a young boy.

Relationship with Elton John

The relationship between Stanley and Elton was strained, to say the least. Stanley, described as strict and disapproving, struggled to understand or support Elton’s passion for music. Instead, he urged his son to pursue a more conventional career path, reflecting a lack of appreciation for Elton’s artistic talents.

Portrayal in “Rocketman”

The biopic “Rocketman” sheds light on the dynamics between Stanley and Elton. Stanley is depicted as distant and uninvolved, unable to express pride or affection for his son’s achievements. Their interactions are characterized by tension and disconnection, painting a poignant picture of their troubled relationship.

Legacy and Impact

It is impossible to ignore Stanley Dwight’s impact on Elton John, even in light of their problematic relationship. Elton’s tenacity and work ethic were probably influenced by his rigorous upbringing and military experience. Elton’s desire for fame and notoriety in the music industry might also have been fuelled by his father’s lack of acceptance.

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FAQs About Stanley Dwight

Who was Stanley Dwight?

Stanley Dwight was the father of the legendary musician Sir Elton John. He played a significant role in Elton’s life, although their relationship was characterized by challenges and strain.

What was Stanley Dwight’s occupation?

Stanley Dwight served as a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force. His military background likely influenced his personality and parenting style.

How would you describe Stanley Dwight’s relationship with Elton John?

The relationship between Stanley and Elton was complex and strained. Stanley was described as strict and disapproving, often at odds with Elton’s passion for music. Their interactions were marked by tension and a lack of emotional warmth.

When did Stanley Dwight pass away?

Stanley Dwight passed away in December 1991 in Cheshire, United Kingdom, at the age of 66. His death followed years of ill health and occurred without a resolution to his troubled relationship with Elton.


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