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Stephen Flacco – Joe Flacco’s Son | Know About Him

Stephen Flacco – Joe Flacco’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 9, 2024

Joe Flacco, the Cleveland Browns quarterback, isn’t just a football star. He’s also a dedicated family man. At the heart of his family is his 11-year-old son, Stephen Flacco. Let’s get to know more about this young member of the Flacco clan.

Joe Flacco's Son Stephen Flacco
Son Stephen Flacco
Quick Facts about Stephen Flacco
Full Name: Stephen Flacco
Birthdate: 2012
Occupation: N/A
Age: 12 years and 3 months old
Parents: Joe Flacco and Dana Grady
Siblings: Brother: Daniel Flacco 
Brother: Francis Flacco
Brother: Thomas Kevin Flacco
Sister: Evelyn Flacco
Net Worth: N/A (as of 2023)

Early Days and Siblings

Born in 2012, Stephen is the eldest among Joe and Dana Flacco’s five children. His brothers are Daniel, Francis, and Thomas, and he has a sister named Evelyn. Together, they make up a lively and bustling household.

Joe Flacco with wife and kids
Joe Flacco with wife and kids

Joe Flacco’s Family Background

Joe Flacco, hailing from Audubon, New Jersey, is the oldest of six siblings himself. His parents, Karen and Stephen Flacco, raised him alongside brothers Mike, John, Brian, Tom, and sister Stephanie McLaren. Family runs deep in the Flacco roots.

Uncle Mike – The Baseball Connection

In a cool family twist, Stephen’s uncle, Mike Flacco, tried his hand in baseball. He was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 31st round of the 2009 MLB draft. The Flacco family, it seems, has a knack for sports.

Dana Grady – The Leading Lady

In 2011, Joe Flacco tied the knot with Dana Grady. Dana, born on February 24, 1985, in New Jersey, shares her life with Joe and their lovely brood. Her siblings, Lisa, Sara, and Zachary, add more layers to the Flacco family tapestry.

Joe Flacco with wife Dana Grady Flacco
Joe Flacco with wife Dana Grady Flacco

A Big Family Man

Known for his skills on the football field, Joe Flacco is equally known for being a family man. He enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Dana, and their five kids. It’s not just about touchdowns and interceptions for Joe; family moments are his touchdowns in life.

Sibling Bonds and Football Dreams

Growing up with siblings often means shared dreams and friendly rivalries. Stephen, Daniel, Francis, Thomas, and Evelyn create a vibrant dynamic. It wouldn’t be surprising if a little backyard football finds its way into their family gatherings.

The Critic at Home – Stephen’s Sports Insights

It turns out that Stephen isn’t just a spectator in his dad’s games. After a recent game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Joe shared a funny and candid moment. His 11-year-old son, Stephen, didn’t hold back in giving his dad some post-game advice. It goes to show, even NFL stars get coaching at home, especially from their own kids!

Joe and Dana – Partners in Parenting

Joe and Dana Flacco’s journey as parents began in 2012 with the arrival of Stephen. The family expanded over the years, creating a lively and loving environment. From Stephen’s birth to the youngest addition, Evelyn, every child brought new joys and adventures.

Joe Flacco with his family
Joe Flacco with his family

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FAQs About Stephen Flacco

Who is Stephen Flacco?

Stephen Flacco is the eldest son of NFL quarterback Joe Flacco and his wife Dana Grady. Born in 2012, he is part of the Flacco family, which includes four siblings: Daniel, Francis, Thomas, and Evelyn.

How Many Siblings Does Stephen Flacco Have?

Stephen has four siblings: Daniel, Francis, Thomas, and Evelyn. Together, they make up the five children in the Flacco family.

What is the Age of Stephen Flacco?

As of the current date in 2023, Stephen Flacco is around 11 years old, given that he was born in 2012.

Who are Stephen Flacco’s Parents?

Stephen’s parents are Joe Flacco, a prominent NFL quarterback, and Dana Grady, whom Joe married in 2011.

Tell Me More About Joe Flacco’s Family.

Joe Flacco’s family is a large and close-knit one. He is the oldest of six siblings, with brothers Mike, John, Brian, Tom, and a sister named Stephanie McLaren. Joe’s parents are Karen and Stephen Flacco.

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