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Strahinja Jokic – Nikola Jokic’s Brother | Know About Him

Strahinja Jokic – Nikola Jokic’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 22, 2024

Strahinja Jokic is a significant figure in the life of NBA star Nikola Jokic. As the eldest of the Jokic brothers, Strahinja has played a crucial role in shaping Nikola’s basketball journey. Let’s delve into who Strahinja is and how he has influenced Nikola’s path to success.

Nikola Jokic's Brother Strahinja Jokic
Strahinja Jokic
Quick Facts about Strahinja Jokic Details
Full Name Strahinja Jokic
Birth Year 1982
Birthdate February 22, 1982
Birthplace Sombor, Serbia
Height 6 feet 8 inches
Occupation Former Professional Basketball Player
Husband/Wife Married (wife name not known)
Education N/A
Age 42 years and 1 months old
Parents Branislav Jokic and Reda Jokic
Siblings Nikola Jokic, Nemanja Jokic
Children None
Net Worth $30 million (as of 2024)

Early Life

Born in 1982, Strahinja Jokic hails from Sombor, Serbia, where he, along with his younger brothers, including Nikola, discovered their love for basketball at a young age. Strahinja’s towering height of 6’8″ and his passion for the game set the stage for his influence on Nikola’s future in basketball.

Nikola Jokic with brother Nemanja Jokic and Strahinja Jokic
Nikola Jokic with brother Nemanja Jokic and Strahinja Jokic

Basketball Career

In Europe, Strahinja played basketball for a number of clubs and showed off his skills. Nikola, his younger brother, was impressed by his commitment to the game and his on-court accomplishments, viewing him as a role model. Nikola’s personal goals to be the best basketball player in the world were inspired by Strahinja’s experiences playing in Europe.

Influence on Nikola

As the eldest brother, Strahinja had a profound impact on Nikola’s development as a basketball player. His guidance, support, and shared love for the game served as catalysts for Nikola’s growth and success. Strahinja’s presence in Nikola’s life provided invaluable mentorship and motivation, driving him to pursue his dreams of playing in the NBA.

Nikola Jokic mother
Mother Reda Jokic


Family Support

The bond between the Jokic brothers, including Strahinja and Nemanja, extends beyond the basketball court. They have remained steadfast in their support and encouragement of one another through thick and thin. The close familial bonds that their parents, Branislav and Rada Jokic, fostered have played a significant role in influencing Nikola’s ascent to NBA glory.

Nikola Jokic father Branislav Jokic
Father Branislav Jokic

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Personal Life

Outside of basketball, Strahinja values his family and cherishes moments spent with loved ones. In 2020, Nikola Jokic tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Natalija Macesic, in a small ceremony in Sombor, Serbia. In September 2021, the couple’s lives began over when they had their first child, a daughter named Ognjena.

FAQs About Strahinja Jokic

Who is Strahinja Jokic?

‚ÄčStrahinja Jokic is the eldest brother of NBA superstar Nikola Jokic. He is known for his own basketball career in Europe and for his influence on Nikola’s journey to becoming an NBA MVP.

What is Strahinja Jokic’s background?

1982 saw the birth of Strahinja Jokic in Sombor, Serbia. His younger siblings, Nikola among them, and he all had a childhood affinity for basketball.

How tall is Strahinja Jokic?

Strahinja Jokic stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 8 inches (6’8″).


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