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Sunday LaBrant – Everleigh Rose’s Half-Sister | Know About Her

Sunday LaBrant – Everleigh Rose’s Half-Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 15, 2024

Sunday LaBrant is a special member of the LaBrant family. She’s Everleigh Rose Smith-Soutas’s half-sister. Let’s learn more about her and her exciting life!

Everleigh Rose sister Sunday LaBrant
Sunday LaBrant
Quick Facts About Sunday LaBrant Details
Full Name Sunday Savannah LaBrant
Birthdate June 7, 2022
Occupation Child (Celebrity Family Member)
Husband/Wife Not Married
Education N/A
Age 1 years and 11 months old
Parents Savannah LaBrant and Cole LaBrant
Siblings Everleigh Rose, Posie LaBrant, Zealand LaBrant
Children N/A
Net Worth N/A (as of 2024, she is child)

Family Connections

Sunday’s family is full of love and adventure. Her mom is Savannah LaBrant, a famous social media star. Her dad was Cole LaBrant, Everleigh’s biological father.

Sunday LaBrant with sister Everleigh Rose
Sunday LaBrant with sister Everleigh Rose


Sunday isn’t alone in her family journey. She has two siblings: Everleigh Rose and Posie LaBrant. They share laughter, tears, and lots of fun together. Sunday’s also got a little brother named Zealand, making their family even more joyful!

Early Life

Sunday was born on June 7, 2022. She’s a California girl, hailing from Orange County. But now, her family calls Nashville, Tennessee, home. It’s where Sunday is growing up, surrounded by love and warmth.

Sunday LaBrant with father Cole LaBrant
Sunday LaBrant with father Cole LaBrant


Her family finds solace in Sundays. Her lively demeanor and cheery smile are well known. Sunday, like her sisters, lights up every place she goes. Sunny, her moniker, really describes her!


Though still young, Sunday already shows interests and passions. Whether it’s playing with her siblings, exploring nature, or learning new things, Sunday’s curiosity knows no bounds. She’s always eager to discover and experience the world around her.

Sunday LaBrant with mother Savannah LaBrant
Sunday LaBrant with mother Savannah LaBrant

Family Bonds

Sunday shares a special bond with her family, especially her older sister Everleigh Rose. Despite their age difference, they’re inseparable. Sunday looks up to Everleigh and cherishes every moment they spend together.

Tragic Loss

In 2022, Sunday’s biological father, Tommy Smith, passed away unexpectedly. His death brought sadness to the family and their followers. Sunday and her family mourned his loss but found strength in each other during this difficult time.

Father’s Love

Cole became Sunday’s father, offering her love, support, and guidance. Their bond grew stronger, showing that love knows no boundaries.

Everleigh Rose family
Everleigh Rose family

Social Media Presence

The Sunday family posts updates about their lives on YouTube and Instagram. They open up their world to their fans, sharing happy, funny, and occasionally even tearful moments. Sunday and her family shared love and positivity with millions of people throughout the globe through their posts.

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FAQs About Sunday LaBrant

Who is Sunday LaBrant?

Sunday LaBrant is a member of the famous LaBrant family. She is the daughter of Savannah LaBrant and Tommy Smith, making her Everleigh Rose Smith-Soutas’s half-sister.

When was Sunday LaBrant born?

Sunday LaBrant was born on June 7, 2022, in Orange County, California.

Who are Sunday LaBrant’s siblings?

Sunday has two sisters named Everleigh Rose and Posie LaBrant, as well as a brother named Zealand LaBrant.

Where does Sunday LaBrant’s family live?

Sunday’s family originally resided in Orange County, California, but they later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where they currently reside.


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