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Teresa Holland – Tom Holland’s Grandmother | Know About Her

Teresa Holland – Tom Holland’s Grandmother | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 4, 2024

Do you like watching movies? Have you seen the Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland? Well, did you know that Tom Holland, the cool Spider-Man actor, has an awesome grandmother named Teresa Holland? Let’s dive into this fun story and learn more about her!

Quick Facts about Teresa Holland
Full Name Teresa Holland (Teresa Quigley)
Birthdate N/A (Birthplace: Tipperary, Ireland)
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife John Charles Anthony Holland
Education N/A
Age N/A
Grandchildren Tom HollandHarry Holland, Paddy HollandSam Holland
Siblings N/A
Children Dominic Holland

Tom Holland and His Family

Tom Holland was born on June 1, 1996, in Kingston-upon-Thames, England. He comes from a loving family. His parents are Nicola Elizabeth Frost, a photographer, and Dominic Anthony Holland, a comedian and author. Tom has three younger siblings: twin brothers Harry and Sam, who are both actors, and a younger brother named Paddy.

Tom Holland with his father Dominic Holland
Tom Holland with his father Dominic Holland

Meet Teresa Holland

Teresa Holland, sometimes called Teresa Quigley, is Tom’s grandmother. She’s like a superhero’s family member! She was born in Ireland. Tom’s family is a mix of interesting backgrounds. His grandparents come from different places. Teresa Quigley is from Ireland, and his grandfather, John Charles Anthony Holland, is from the Isle of Man.

A Bit About Tom’s Siblings

Tom’s family is not only cool because of him but also because of his awesome siblings. Harry and Sam are twins, and they’re actors just like their famous brother. There’s also Paddy, who is Tom’s younger brother. They must have so much fun together!

Tom Hollands siblings
Tom Hollands siblings

Tom’s Paternal Grandparents

Tom’s paternal grandparents are the parents of his dad, Dominic Anthony Holland. John Charles Anthony Holland, Tom’s grandfather, was a teacher. Imagine having a teacher as your grandparent—pretty cool, right? And then there’s Teresa Quigley, Tom’s grandmother, who was from Ireland. It’s like having a piece of Ireland in the family!

A Special Family Member – Tessa the Dog

Tom’s family isn’t just made up of humans. They have a furry friend too! Tessa is their dog. She’s part of the family and probably loves spending time with them. It’s always fun to have a pet to play with!

Tom’s Acting Achievements

Tom is not just a regular guy; he’s a talented actor! He has won a British Academy Film Award, which is a big deal in the movie world. He’s also won three Saturn Awards. That’s like getting superhero medals for acting! Tom is really good at what he does.

Tom’s Family Today

As of now, Tom is not married and doesn’t have any children. He’s focused on his acting career and making awesome movies. His family is probably really proud of him. Even though he’s famous, he still has his family by his side, cheering him on.

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FAQs About Teresa Holland

Who is Teresa Holland?

Teresa Holland, also known as Teresa Quigley, is the paternal grandmother of the famous actor Tom Holland. She is part of Tom Holland’s family and has roots in Ireland.

Where was Teresa Holland born?

Teresa Holland was born in Tipperary, Ireland.

What is Teresa Holland’s connection to Tom Holland?

Teresa Holland is Tom Holland’s paternal grandmother. She is the mother of Tom’s father, Dominic Anthony Holland.

What are Tom Holland’s family members’ names?

Tom Holland’s family includes his parents, Nicola Elizabeth Frost (mother) and Dominic Anthony Holland (father), as well as his siblings: twin brothers Harry and Sam, and another younger brother named Paddy.

What is the background of Tom Holland’s paternal grandparents?

Tom Holland’s paternal grandfather, John Charles Anthony Holland, was a teacher from the Isle of Man. Teresa Quigley, Tom’s paternal grandmother, was from Ireland.

What kind of dog does Tom Holland’s family have?

Tom Holland’s family has a dog named Tessa.

What are Tom Holland’s achievements in acting?

Tom Holland has won a British Academy Film Award and three Saturn Awards for his acting.

Is Tom Holland married?

No, as of now, Tom Holland is not married.

Does Tom Holland have any children?

No, Tom Holland does not have any children.

What is Tom Holland’s full name?

Tom Holland’s full name is Thomas Stanley Holland.

What is Teresa Quigley’s background?

Teresa Quigley, also known as Teresa Holland, is from Ireland.

Are there any family photos of Tom Holland’s grandmother, Teresa Holland?

No family photos are described in the provided information.

Final Thoughts

Teresa Holland, or Teresa Quigley, is a special part of Tom Holland’s family. She’s his grandmother, and she comes from Ireland. Tom’s family is full of amazing people, including his parents, siblings, and even a furry friend named Tessa. With Tom’s acting talents and his family’s support, he’s rocking the movie world. So, next time you watch a Spider-Man movie, remember that behind the scenes, there’s a cool grandma cheering for Tom!


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