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The Future of Ted Lasso: Will There Be a Season 4?

The Future of Ted Lasso: Will There Be a Season 4?

Last updated on: May 31, 2023

Fans of the heartwarming and hilarious TV show Ted Lasso are eagerly awaiting news about whether there will be a fourth season. The show, which stars Jason Sudeikis as the lovable and optimistic coach, has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. However, the question remains: will Ted Lasso return for another season? Let’s dive into what we know so far.

The Rumors and Speculation

Rumors about the future of Ted Lasso have been swirling since Jason Sudeikis mentioned in July 2021 that the show was initially conceived to last three seasons. Some sources even claim that the third season will be the show’s last. However, fans and critics alike have expressed their desire for more of the show’s uplifting and heartfelt storytelling.

Hope for a Season 4

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the show’s future, there are glimmers of hope for fans who want to see Ted Lasso return for another season. Several sources suggest the possibility of a fourth season and even spin-offs. The immense popularity and critical acclaim of Ted Lasso, including winning multiple Emmy awards, could potentially influence the decision to continue the series.

Jason Sudeikis’ Perspective

As the star of the show, Jason Sudeikis has a significant role in shaping the future of Ted Lasso. In the past, he has mentioned that the original plan was to conceive the show for three seasons. However, plans can change, and Sudeikis has also acknowledged that there are factors beyond himself that contribute to the decision-making process. It remains to be seen what Sudeikis and the show’s creators ultimately decide.

Waiting for Official Confirmation

As of the current date, 5/31/2023, no official announcement has been made regarding the renewal or cancellation of Ted Lasso for a fourth season. While fans anxiously await news, it’s important to remember that decisions about the show’s future involve multiple factors and stakeholders. It’s advisable to stay tuned for updates from the show’s creators or the streaming platform that airs the series for any official announcements.


The question of whether Ted Lasso will return for a fourth season remains unanswered. While there are rumors and speculation, it’s crucial to wait for official confirmation before drawing any conclusions. Fans of the show can hope that the success and popularity of Ted Lasso will sway the decision-makers to continue the series, but ultimately, only time will tell. Until then, we can reflect on the joy and inspiration the show has brought us and eagerly anticipate any news about the future of Ted Lasso.

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