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Tony Parker – Eva Longoria’s Ex-Husband | Know About Him

Tony Parker – Eva Longoria’s Ex-Husband | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 23, 2024

Tony Parker was married to Eva Longoria, a famous actress, but they are no longer together. They were in the news a lot because of their relationship and subsequent divorce. In this article, we will learn more about Tony Parker. We will find out about his basketball career, personal life, and what happened between him and Eva Longoria.

Tony Parker
Tony Parker
Tony Parker Quick Facts
Full Name William Anthony Parker Jr.
Birthdate May 17, 1982
Occupation Retired NBA Player
Husband/Wife Axelle Francine (m. 2014–2020), Eva Longoria (m. 2007–2011)
Education N/A
Age 41
Parents Tony Parker Sr. and Pamela Firestone
Siblings T.J. Parker and Pierre Parker
Children Josh Parker and Liam Parker

Early Life and Basketball Career:

Tony Parker was born on May 17, 1982, in Belgium. He grew up in France and loved playing basketball from a young age. He became really good at it and joined the French basketball league when he was only 15. Because of his skills, he was chosen by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2001 NBA Draft.

NBA Success and Achievements:

Tony Parker played for the San Antonio Spurs and helped them win four NBA titles. He was very good as a point guard because he was very fast and could handle the ball well. He was even made an NBA All-Star six times and the Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals in 2007.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s Relationship:

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria started dating in 2004 and got married on July 7, 2007. They were both famous and attracted a lot of attention. However, their marriage didn’t work out, and they got divorced in 2010. It was rumored that Tony Parker had sent inappropriate text messages to another player’s wife, which caused problems in their relationship.

Life After Divorce:

After his divorce from Eva Longoria, Tony Parker continued playing basketball. He played for the San Antonio Spurs until 2018 and then joined the Charlotte Hornets for two years before retiring in 2019. Now that he is not playing basketball, he is focusing on other things like business and charity work.

Personal Life and Family:

Tony Parker prefers to keep his personal life private. After his divorce, he found love again and married a French journalist named Axelle Francine. They have two children together.

Legacy and Impact:

Tony Parker had a big impact on the game of basketball. He was known for his speed and how well he controlled the game as a point guard. He inspired many young basketball players, both in the United States and in other countries. He showed that European players can be successful in the NBA.

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FAQs about Tony Parker

What is Tony Parker’s full name?

Tony Parker’s full name is William Anthony Parker Jr.

When and where was Tony Parker born?

Tony Parker was born on May 17, 1982, in Bruges, Belgium.

What is Tony Parker’s nationality?

Tony Parker is French.

What position did Tony Parker play in basketball?

Tony Parker played as a point guard.

How many times was Tony Parker selected as an NBA All-Star?

Tony Parker was selected as an NBA All-Star six times.

Did Tony Parker retire from basketball?

Yes, Tony Parker retired from professional basketball in 2019.

What is Tony Parker’s relationship status?

Tony Parker is married to Axelle Francine, a French journalist. They got married in 2014.

Does Tony Parker have children?

Yes, Tony Parker has children. He has two sons with his wife Axelle Francine.

What is Tony Parker doing now after retiring from basketball?

After retiring from basketball, Tony Parker has been involved in various business ventures and philanthropic activities. He has also focused on spending time with his family.

Is Tony Parker involved in any charity work?

Yes, Tony Parker is actively involved in charity work. He has established the Tony Parker Foundation, which supports various causes such as education, sports, and youth development.

Has Tony Parker received any individual awards for his basketball career?

Yes, in addition to his NBA championships, Tony Parker was named the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2007.

Did Tony Parker have any controversies during his career?

Tony Parker faced some controversy related to his personal life when his marriage to Eva Longoria ended in divorce, with rumors of infidelity on his part. However, he has since moved on from that period and focused on his professional and personal growth.

Does Tony Parker have any plans to return to basketball in a different role, such as coaching or management?

As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements about Tony Parker returning to basketball in a coaching or management role. However, it is always possible for retired players to explore such opportunities in the future.

Final Thoughts

Tony Parker had a successful basketball career and was married to Eva Longoria, but they got divorced. He continues to be involved in different projects after retiring from basketball. Tony Parker’s skills and accomplishments in basketball will always be remembered, and he has inspired many aspiring players around the world.


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