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Top 10 Best Michael Keaton Performances

Top 10 Best Michael Keaton Performances

Last updated on: June 24, 2023

Michael Keaton is a great actor who has done amazing performances in his career. He can make us laugh and cry with his acting skills. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 best performances by Michael Keaton.

10. Adrian Toomes / Vulture – “Spider-Man Homecoming”

In the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Michael Keaton plays a bad guy called Vulture. He is really scary and makes the movie exciting.

9. Walter Robinson – “Spotlight”

In the movie “Spotlight,” Michael Keaton is a journalist named Walter Robinson. He investigates something very important and his acting is strong and serious.

8. Bill Blazejowski – “Night Shift”

In the funny movie “Night Shift,” Michael Keaton plays a character named Bill Blazejowski. He is clever and makes us laugh a lot with his jokes.

7. Ray Kroc – “The Founder”

In the movie “The Founder,” Michael Keaton plays a man named Ray Kroc who starts a big fast-food company. He shows us how determined and tough his character is.

6. Bruce Wayne / Batman – “Batman” and “Batman Returns”

In the movies “Batman” and “Batman Returns,” Michael Keaton becomes the famous superhero Batman. He is cool and mysterious, and we love watching him.

5. Beetlejuice – “Beetlejuice”

In the movie “Beetlejuice,” Michael Keaton is a funny and crazy ghost named Beetlejuice. He makes us laugh with his silly actions and jokes.

4. Riggan Thomson – “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)”

In the movie “Birdman,” Michael Keaton is Riggan Thomson, a former superhero actor. He shows us a lot of emotions and was even nominated for an important award.

3. Dogberry – “Much Ado About Nothing”

In the movie “Much Ado About Nothing,” Michael Keaton is a silly constable called Dogberry. He does funny things and his performance is really enjoyable.

2. Dr. Samuel Finnix – “Dopesick”

In the TV series “Dopesick,” Michael Keaton is Dr. Samuel Finnix. He plays the role so well and shows us the problems caused by drugs.

1. Jack Butler – “Mr. Mom”

The best performance by Michael Keaton is in the movie “Mr. Mom.” He plays a dad who takes care of the kids at home. It is a heartwarming and relatable performance that we love.

Fianal thoughts

Michael Keaton is a talented actor who has done many great performances. He can make us laugh, cry, and feel excited with his acting skills. From superheroes to funny characters, he always impresses us with his talent. We will keep enjoying his performances and remember him as a fantastic actor.

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