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Top 10 Best Poor Girl Rich Boy Turkish Web Series You Should Watch

Top 10 Best Poor Girl Rich Boy Turkish Web Series You Should Watch

Last updated on: December 22, 2022

Turkish dramas are known for their epic Rich poor troops added the entertainment Valley of the show. These drama troops are always a hit among viewers, who cannot help but be drawn in by the Love Story between two people from different worlds.

Whether the rich guy is kind-hearted and falls for the girl despite her poor background, or the current messages to smack the heart of the richest man in the town, these dramas never fail to keep audiences entertained.

So if you’re looking for a good romantic drama to watch be sure to read this post till the end.

10. Accidental love (Kazara Ask)

The general story of the series is as follows accidental love will lock the audience to the screen with its gripping story.

A beautiful young girl who dreams of being happy by marrying the man she loves after graduating from University.

A young and handsome man from a wealthy family so the pets of these two young people who are chasing happiness with their hopes and dreams cross unexpectedly after an accident.

In the Turkish series, we watched The Adventures of Civan and Simal so their Adventure started with an accident thus they attracted a completely different dimension with the lies and unexpected events.

9. Waiting For You (Seni Cok Bekledim)

The series tells the story of Kadir and Ayliz.

Kadir left turkey, moved away from his family, and made a successful career in Qatar, becoming a great entrepreneur. On the other hand, eyeless is a photographer, who lost her father in childhood and has become a loner.

Because of their occupations, the two of them travel around the world and have been closed many times but they never get to know each other.

Until one day an unexpected situation finds them both in the same place and in the right situation for the magical encounter that will reunite the lonely Paths two. But as in every story obstacles and difficulties will appear for the lovers.

8. I still have hope

In this story, you will see the difficulty and pure love of Umat and Ozen who are made for each other yet from different worlds. You will watch a modern Cinderella story.

Umat is a young and beautiful girl who works as a manicurist in one of the well-known co-fishers. One day her life changes substantially out of incidents she comes across Ozen who is

Rich Young is handsome and a womanizer they fall in love with each other at First Sight however Ozin has to tell a lie about his true identity.

since Umat belongs to a poor family and has some prejudice towards rich people Ozen also says that he is a poor guy in order not to lose his first love.


7. Never give up (Asla Vazgecmem)

The story of the series revolves around Noor who is a girl who has been completely orphaned after the death of her father. Because of this tragic event, the young girl is forced to travel to Istanbul to be taken in by some of her relatives who live in the Turkish Capital. Noor wants to find a job in Istanbul and start to live in peace by herself.
She finds out that her aunt works as a mate in the big house whose owner is Yigit.

Out of pico incidents the lies of Yiket that they were intersected they fall in love with each other at First Sight. However, Yagat could not reveal that he’s married and his wife has been in a vegetative state for almost three years.

The story becomes more complicated when Yiket’s wife recovers from a vegetative state.


6. Mercy (Merhamet)

In the mercy TV series story, you will explore the hardships that a beautiful narrator experiences in her life.
Narin is a girl from a poor family with an abusive alcoholic father, struggling against family pressure. To quit school she escapes to the big city. Through dedicated study, she becomes a successful lawyer.

She makes friends with the rich girl Denise but faces difficulties when Firat her first love reappears in her life engaged to Denise’s sister.
You will also see if those love stories betray violence against women, ambition, and so on.

5. Becoming a lady (Gonulcelen)

in Becoming a lady TV series story you will explore a huge transformation of a free-spirited young woman with a foul mouth.

Murat is 30 years old and a successful musician, and music educator who has born and raised in Istanbul.

He comes from a long line of respected rich and Noble people. the female protagonist Hasret on the other hand was born and raised in one of Istanbul’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

Hasret makes living by selling flowers and occasionally singing in a band.

Murat tears potential in her untrained voice it takes it upon himself to teach her the secrets of music by giving her classical training.


4. High School petrol (Lise Devriyesi)

Yigit is a passionate cop who wants to impress his boss and continues working as a cop.

His boss signs him up for an unusual case. He has to draw himself into a high

school to befriend Firrat, the son of famous businessmen.

Yigit’s mission is to make Virat trust him, so he can share detail about his father’s criminal syndicate.

The problem arises when he gets his boss’s daughter Isil also studies at the same school.

Firat the school’s famous bully notices Isil and is attracted to her.

Will Yigit complete his mission successfully or protect Isil from Firat or will he fail and lose his job?

The interesting Twist of events will keep you on the edge of your seat or bed.


3. Prison Ivy (Gecenin Ucunda)

Prison Ivy’s TV series story is about a young girl.

Macide follows her heart and meets a successful businessman Kazim Isik.

Macide is the daughter of a poor family who has studied psychology and is

not happy in business life, and seeks to heal others, and falls in love with elder brother Ahmet of Kazim Isik, who is known as the smartest of the most successful businessman in the country.

she has just met and fallen in love with a man without a morbid passion.

Moreover, Kazim Isaac is theory of norman Macide’s love is not unrequested.

Kazim passionately Embraces Macide who is by his side at his weakest moment but he’ll be able to protect him from the cruelty of the Rich and Powerful life he created.

Will Macide be able to preserve the Purity innocence and sensitivity she had when she first met Kazim?


2.  Fate (Yazai)

There is a love story developing between Umut and Dunya.

The series will tell the charging story of the two girls who grew up in an orphanage. One of them Dania falls in love with a businessman who accidentally hits her with his car. Then they meet more than once, and their heart began to beat.


1. To be a lover (Erkek Severse)

The series tells the thrilling love story of the passionate and beautiful Zeynep and charismatic businessman Kenan.

Even the rivals threatened to dupe their romance with a web of deception in lies.

Seen him live with her twin children, she’s divorced from Oktay. Zeynep loved Oktay in their University years. however, she is divorced from him as she was cheated on.

Is it up there after loses her faith in man and closes her heart to love until she met Kenan?

Yelda on the other hand is one of the women who are after Kenan.

Even what’s more she wants to carry on the business Partnership they’ve just started with Kenan to marriage.

so that’s it for this post. I hope you like all.

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