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Meet Travis Knight: The Son of Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight

Meet Travis Knight: The Son of Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight

Last updated on: June 20, 2024

Meet Travis Knight, the son of the legendary Nike co-founder, Phil Knight. Born on September 13, 1973, Travis has carved his own path in the world, making a name for himself in the dynamic realm of movies. Let’s dive into the story of Travis Knight, his family, and his journey in the entertainment industry.

Travis Knight
Travis Knight
Quick Facts about Travis Knight
Full Name Travis Knight
Birthdate September 13, 1973
Occupation CEO and President of Laika Animation Studio
Husband/Wife Wife: Donna Huyssoon
Education Graduate of Portland State University
Age 50 years and 10 months old
Parents Phil Knight (Father), Penny Parks (Mother)
Siblings Matthew Knight(Brother), Christina Knight(Sister)
Children 2 children
Net Worth $750 million (Approx.)

Early Life and Family

Travis comes from a family rooted in Oregon. His father, Phil Knight, a hardworking man, founded Nike. Travis’s mother, Penny Parks, has been a pillar of support in Phil’s bustling life. The Knights had three children: Matthew, Travis, and Christina. Sadly, tragedy struck in 2004 when Matthew passed away in a scuba diving accident at the age of 34.

Phil Knight with his wife Penny Knight
Phil with his wife Penny Knight

Travis’s Childhood and Upbringing

Growing up, Travis experienced life lessons from his father, learning the ropes of hard work and dedication. His childhood was filled with the essence of family, a sentiment that remains crucial in his life. The Knights were a close-knit unit, facing both joys and sorrows together.

Travis’s Journey in Movies

As he stepped into adulthood, Travis discovered his passion for movies. He pursued a career in the entertainment industry, eventually becoming the CEO of Laika, an animation studio based in Oregon. Laika is known for its unique and captivating films that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Phil Knight's Daughter Christina Knight
Phil Knight’s Daughter Christina Knight

Laika: A Creative Hub

Travis’s role as the head of Laika showcases his knack for creativity and leadership. Laika, owned by Phil Knight, is not just a company; it’s a creative hub that produces feature films and commercial content. Travis has played a pivotal role in shaping Laika into the animation powerhouse it is today.

Travis Knight: The Animator

Travis’s talents extend beyond the boardroom. As an animator, he brings figures to life and makes movies that people all over the world love. Laika has been praised for its unique way of making movies thanks to his commitment to storytelling and animation.

Phil and Penny: The Supportive Parents

Behind every successful individual is a foundation of support, and Travis is no exception. Phil and Penny Knight have been pillars of strength, guiding their son through the highs and lows of life. The family bond, resilient even in the face of tragedy, has been a driving force in Travis’s journey.

Remembering Matthew

The loss of Matthew in 2004 left an indelible mark on the Knight family. Even though they are sad, they have continued to respect Matthew’s memory and help each other through the hard parts of life. Travis has used his life experiences to drive him to use Laika to tell stories that have value and stick with people.

Phil Knight’s Legacy and Travis’s Role

Phil Knight’s legacy goes beyond the iconic swoosh of Nike. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to hard work have influenced not only the business world but also his family. Travis, as the torchbearer of the Knight legacy, continues to make strides in the entertainment industry, creating a legacy of his own.

Phil-Knight with his son Travis Knight

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FAQs About Travis Knight

Who is Travis Knight?

Travis Knight is the son of Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike. He was born on September 13, 1973, in Oregon, USA.

What is Travis Knight known for?

Travis Knight is known for his role as the CEO of Laika, an animation studio based in Oregon. He has played a key role in shaping Laika into a prominent force in the animation industry.

Tell me more about Travis Knight’s family.

Travis is the son of Phil Knight and Penny Parks. He has two siblings: Matthew, who unfortunately passed away in a scuba diving accident in 2004, and Christina. The Knights are known for their close-knit family bonds.

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