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TWICE Members Jungyeon and Dahyun Unable to Perform in Seattle Concert After Testing Positive for COVID-19

TWICE Members Jungyeon and Dahyun Unable to Perform in Seattle Concert After Testing Positive for COVID-19
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Last updated on: June 17, 2023

In unfortunate news for TWICE fans, two members of the popular K-pop girl group, Jungyeon and Dahyun, will not be able to take the stage for their eagerly anticipated ‘Ready To Be’ show in Seattle. The reason behind their absence is that both Jungyeon and Dahyun have tested positive for COVID-19. Let’s delve deeper into the details and learn more about this unfortunate turn of events.

The Anticipation for TWICE’s ‘Ready To Be’ Show in Seattle

TWICE, a talented and beloved K-pop group, had been thrilling their fans with their music and performances. Their ‘Ready To Be’ show in Seattle was highly anticipated by their followers, who eagerly awaited the opportunity to see their favorite artists perform live. However, just before the concert, unexpected news broke that left fans disappointed.

Positive COVID-19 Test Results for Jungyeon and Dahyun

JYP Entertainment, the agency representing TWICE, made an official announcement that Jungyeon and Dahyun had tested positive for COVID-19. The agency revealed that both members were feeling unwell and subsequent testing confirmed the infection. This unfortunate development meant that Jungyeon and Dahyun would have to sit out the Seattle concert to prioritize their health and well-being.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

The health and safety of artists and fans alike have always been of paramount importance. With the ongoing pandemic, it is crucial for individuals to prioritize their well-being and follow proper protocols. By adhering to quarantine measures and seeking appropriate medical care, Jungyeon and Dahyun are making responsible decisions to ensure a speedy recovery.

A History of Resilience

This isn’t the first time TWICE has faced challenges that impacted their group activities. In October 2020, Jeongyeon took a break from TWICE’s promotional activities due to anxiety and mental health concerns. The group’s members have shown their resilience and support for one another during difficult times, proving that they are not only talented performers but also caring individuals.

Moving Forward with the Concert

Despite the absence of Jungyeon and Dahyun, the ‘Ready To Be’ concert in Seattle will still take place. The remaining seven members of TWICE will showcase their talent and entertain the audience with their high-energy performances. The show must go on, and TWICE will undoubtedly do their best to provide an unforgettable experience for their fans.

Final Thoughts

TWICE’s Jungyeon and Dahyun testing positive for COVID-19 and subsequently sitting out the ‘Ready To Be’ concert in Seattle is undoubtedly disappointing news for their fans. However, the health and well-being of the members are of utmost importance. TWICE has faced challenges in the past and has proven their resilience as a group. As fans, let’s support and wish Jungyeon and Dahyun a speedy recovery while looking forward to enjoying TWICE’s incredible performances in the future.


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