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Tyler Perry Expresses Interest in Taking Control of BET

Tyler Perry Expresses Interest in Taking Control of BET
Tyler Perry Expresses Interest in Taking Control of BET | Image source: Instagram

Last updated on: June 13, 2023

Tyler Perry, the renowned producer and star, has recently expressed his interest in taking control of BET (Black Entertainment Television). BET is currently owned by Paramount Global, but the company is exploring the possibility of selling a majority stake in the network. Perry’s potential acquisition has created a buzz in the entertainment industry as he aims to bring BET under black ownership once again.

Tyler Perry’s Connection to BET

Tyler Perry has had a long-standing relationship with BET and its parent company, Paramount. Since 2017, he has been collaborating with the network, and he currently holds a minority stake in BET. Perry’s partnership with BET has resulted in the creation of BET+, a popular streaming service that offers original films and series from the BET program library.

Perry’s Vision for BET

During a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Tyler Perry confirmed the rumors about his interest in acquiring a majority stake in BET. He stated that he is “beyond interested” in making BET black-owned once again. Perry sees this potential acquisition as an opportunity to contribute to the representation of Black voices and stories in the entertainment industry.

Paramount’s Consideration

Paramount Global, the current owner of BET, is exploring a sale of the network and is looking for a substantial partner. The company has been trying to raise funds to pay down debt and invest in its streaming service, Paramount+. Retaining a portion of the BET Media Group, including the VH1 network, is part of Paramount’s strategy.

Competing Interest from Byron Allen

Tyler Perry is not the only one vying for the acquisition of BET. Media mogul Byron Allen has also expressed his interest in buying the network. Allen, the founder of Allen Media Group, stated that he is “interested in buying BET” and is actively pursuing the acquisition.

The Implications of the Potential Acquisition

If Tyler Perry succeeds in taking control of BET, it could have significant implications for the network and the representation of Black stories in the media. Perry’s influence and commitment to telling diverse stories could further enhance BET’s programming and strengthen its position as a platform for Black creatives.

The Future of BET

While Tyler Perry’s interest in acquiring BET has generated excitement, it’s essential to note that negotiations and discussions are still ongoing. The outcome of these discussions will shape the future of BET and determine the extent to which Perry can contribute to the network’s programming and direction.

Final Thoughts

Tyler Perry’s interest in taking control of BET marks a significant development in the entertainment industry. With his successful track record and commitment to representing Black voices, Perry’s potential acquisition could bring about positive changes for BET and its viewers. As negotiations continue, all eyes are on the future of BET and the potential impact of Perry’s vision for the network.



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