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Vincenzo Caracciolo – Alessia Cara’s Father | Know About Him

Vincenzo Caracciolo – Alessia Cara’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: April 2, 2024

Meet Vincenzo Caracciolo, the father of the talented Canadian singer and songwriter, Alessia Cara. Let’s delve into some key details about him and his relationship with Alessia.

Alessia Cara father Vincenzo Caracciolo
father Vincenzo Caracciolo
Quick Facts About Vincenzo Caracciolo Details
Full Name Vincenzo Caracciolo
Birthdate 1960
Occupation Welder
Husband/Wife Married to Enza Ciccione
Education N/A
Age 64 years and 4 months old
Parents Not Known
Daughters Alessia Cara, Danica Caracciolo
Sons Dante Caracciolo, Dario Caracciolo
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Vincenzo’s Background

Vincenzo Caracciolo is a Canadian with Italian roots. He’s known for his supportive role in Alessia’s life, guiding her through her musical journey.

Alessia Cara with father Vincenzo Caracciolo
Alessia Cara with father Vincenzo Caracciolo

Family Life

Enza Ciccione, a hairstylist, and Vincenzo are married. Alessia is one of their four children together. All of the family members have tight ties to one another.

Alessia’s Career Journey

Vincenzo was instrumental in helping Alessia develop her musical abilities from the beginning of her career. When she was ten years old, he gave her a guitar, which ignited her love of music.

Alessia Cara mother Enza Ciccione
Wife Enza Ciccione

Supportive Parenting

Vincenzo has consistently stood behind Alessia in her pursuit of her goals. He was a welder by trade, but he was also quite involved in Alessia’s life, supporting her in her musical endeavors.

Close Bond with Alessia

Alessia shares a special bond with her father. She has mentioned in interviews that Vincenzo was strict when it came to her dating life, but his love and guidance have always been evident.

Alessia Cara with brother Dario Caracciolo
Alessia Cara with brother Dario Caracciolo

Family Dynamics

In addition to Alessia, Vincenzo and Enza have three other children: Dario, Dante, and Danica. Each member of the family plays a unique role in supporting Alessia’s career.

Alessia’s Dedication

Alessia is obviously committed to her work, and Vincenzo’s encouragement has really helped to strengthen her resolve. She attributes her accomplishments to her family.

Alessia Cara brother Dante Caracciolo
Son Dante Caracciolo

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FAQs About Vincenzo Caracciolo

Who is Vincenzo Caracciolo?

Alessia Cara, a Canadian singer and songwriter, is the daughter of Vincenzo Caracciolo. He has been a major source of support for Alessia’s music industry career.

What is Vincenzo Caracciolo’s background?

Vincenzo Caracciolo is Canadian with Italian heritage. He grew up in Canada but maintains strong ties to his Italian roots.


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