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Who are The Iron Claw brothers?

Who are The Iron Claw brothers?

Last updated on: December 13, 2023

The Von Erich family, originally the Adkisson family, left an indelible mark on professional wrestling. The patriarch, Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson), adopted the Von Erich ring name, creating a legacy that his sons would continue. Fritz, initially portraying a Nazi heel character, later became a popular figure in wrestling, known for his Iron Claw hold. The family’s tragedy and resilience in the face of adversity have become a poignant part of wrestling history.

The Iron Claw Brothers

Kevin Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich, born Kevin Ross Adkisson, stood out in the wrestling world for his barefoot style and mastery of moves like the body scissors and the iron claw. His career, mostly spent in WCCW, saw him feud with notable wrestlers like Chris Adams and Ric Flair.

David Von Erich

“The Yellow Rose of Texas,” David Von Erich was a promising wrestler. He earned several titles and was a contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Tragically, David passed away at 25 while working in Tokyo, amidst controversies regarding the cause of his death.

Kerry Von Erich

Kerry Von Erich, known as “The Modern Day Warrior,” was the most renowned of the Von Erich brothers. His accolades include winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title and competing in WWE as “The Texas Tornado.” Kerry’s career was marred by a motorcycle accident and subsequent struggles, leading to his tragic suicide.

Mike Von Erich

Initially reluctant to enter wrestling, Mike Von Erich joined the family profession after David’s death. He experienced success but was plagued by health issues, including toxic shock syndrome, which led to his untimely death at 23.

Chris Von Erich

The youngest, Chris Von Erich, faced significant challenges due to his stature and health issues. Despite these, his passion for wrestling drove him to compete, though he never achieved the success of his brothers. Struggling with depression, Chris’s life also ended tragically​​.

Kevin Von Erich’s Perspective

The only surviving brother, Kevin Von Erich, has rejected the notion of a family curse. He acknowledges the tragedies but focuses on the family’s legacy in wrestling.

World Class Championship Wrestling: A Legacy of Innovation

WCCW, under Fritz Von Erich’s leadership, became a groundbreaking promotion in professional wrestling. It was known for high production values, the use of entrance music, and television syndication, setting a standard for future promotions. The federation was home to the legendary feud between the Von Erichs and the Freebirds, contributing significantly to the popularity of wrestling in the 1980s​​​.

WCCW’s innovation extended to its storytelling and match styles, often themed around friendship and betrayal. The promotion was instrumental in bringing future stars to the forefront and maintaining high attendance and global exposure through its televised programs. However, despite its success, WCCW eventually went out of business in 1990.

The Lasting Impact of the Von Erichs

The Von Erich family’s story is one of triumph and tragedy, marked by remarkable success in the ring and heartbreaking losses. Their influence on professional wrestling, through individual achievements and the pioneering efforts of WCCW, continues to be felt in the wrestling world today.

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