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Who is William W. Knight? Phil Knight’s Father: Uncovering His Life and Legacy

Who is William W. Knight? Phil Knight’s Father: Uncovering His Life and Legacy

Last updated on: June 20, 2024

William W. Knight, a man of many hats, was born on February 8, 1909, in Winnebago, Minnesota. He didn’t just live life; he embraced it as an American lawyer, politician, and newspaper publisher. Sounds like a busy guy, right?

Phil Knight's Father William W Knight
Phil Knight’s Father William W Knight
Quick Facts about William W. Knight
Full Name William W. Knight
Birthdate February 8, 1909
Birthplace Winnebago, Minnesota, USA
Death Date February 19, 1981
Place of Death Portland, Oregon, USA
Occupation Lawyer, Politician, Newspaper Publisher
Education University of Oregon
Age at Death 72 years
Parents Frederick Atherly Knight (Father), Edith M. Knight (Mother)
Siblings Not Known
Husband/Wife Wife: Lota Hatfield Knight
Children Jeanne KnightJoanne KnightPhil Knight
Net Worth $5 million (Approx.)

Family Ties

In Portland, Oregon, William settled down with his wife, Lota Hatfield Knight. They created a bustling household, raising a son who would later become a big name in the business world. Ever heard of Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike? Well, William W. Knight is his dad!

School Days and Politics

William got his smarts from the University of Oregon. Later, he joined the Republican Party, diving into the world of politics. He wasn’t just a lawyer; he had his fingers in many pies!

From Law to Newsprint

Imagine being not just a lawyer but also diving into the world of newspapers. That’s what William did! He became a newspaper publisher, showing that there’s always room for more adventures.

Dad’s Values: Hard Work and Independence

William W. Knight wasn’t just a regular dad. Nope! He was all about teaching his son, Phil, the ropes of life. From a young age, Phil learned the ABCs of hard work and independence. Dad even said ‘no’ to a summer job at the newspaper. Why? Because he believed in Phil finding his own path.

Phil’s Family Saga

Behind every great person is a great family. Let’s take a peek into the Knight family album.

Phil and Penny: A Love Story

Phil Knight found his life partner in Penny Parks. They said ‘I do’ on September 13, 1968, and their love story is still going strong. Through the hustle and bustle of Nike, Penny has been Phil’s rock.

Phil Knight with his wife Penny Knight
Phil with his wife Penny

The Knight Kids

The Knight family tree grew with the arrival of two sons, Matthew and Travis, and a daughter, Christina. It wasn’t all sunshine, though. The family faced a heartbreaking loss in 2004 when Matthew, at just 34, passed away in a scuba diving accident.

Travis Knight: From Son to CEO

Travis, the surviving son, didn’t just sit back. He stepped into the limelight as the CEO of Laika, a cool company making awesome films. Like father, like son, right?

Travis Knight
Travis Knight

Christina Knight: The Daughter in the Mix

Christina, the Knight’s daughter, completes the trio of siblings. Though less in the public eye, she’s a vital part of the family fabric.

Phil Knight's Daughter Christina Knight
Phil Knight’s Daughter Christina Knight

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Remembering Matthew

The loss of Matthew was tough. A reminder that even in the lives of the successful, there are moments of sadness. It’s what makes the Knights real, just like any other family.

A Knight’s Tale Continues

The story of William W. Knight and his legacy lives on through Phil and his family. From a small town in Minnesota to the big world of business, the Knights have left their mark.

FAQs About William W. Knight

Who was William W. Knight?

William W. Knight was an American lawyer, politician, and newspaper publisher. Born on February 8, 1909, in Winnebago, Minnesota, he lived a multifaceted life, actively participating in legal, political, and media spheres.

What values did William W. Knight instill in his son, Phil Knight?

William W. Knight emphasized hard work and independence in raising his son, Phil Knight. He believed in the importance of self-sufficiency, as seen in his decision not to give Phil a summer job at the family newspaper.

When did William W. Knight pass away?

William W. Knight passed away on February 19, 1981, in Portland, Oregon, leaving behind a legacy that would influence his son’s journey to success.

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