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Willie Maxine Perry – Tyler Perry’s Mother | Know About Her

Willie Maxine Perry – Tyler Perry’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 21, 2024

Willie Maxine Perry was a special person in the life of famous movie maker, actor, and writer Tyler Perry. She was his mom and played a big part in inspiring and supporting him. Let’s find out more about Willie Maxine Perry, her bond with Tyler, and how she influenced his work and life.

Willie Maxine Perry
Willie Maxine Perry
Quick Facts about Willie Maxine Perry
Full Name Willie Maxine Perry
Birthdate February 12, 1945
Occupation Preschool Teacher
Husband Emmitt Perry Sr.
Education Not Known
Age at Passing 64 years old
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Tyler Perry, Emmbre Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, Melva Porter
Inspiration for Madea Yes (Character created by her son, Tyler Perry)
Significant Influence on Tyler Yes (Inspiration for Madea and support in his life)

Early Life and Family

Willie Maxine Perry was born on February 12, 1945. She became a teacher for little kids in New Orleans. She married Emmitt Perry Sr., who was a carpenter. Together, they had four children: Tyler Perry, Emmbre Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, and Melva Porter.

Tyler Perry’s Inspiration – Madea

Tyler Perry created a character named Madea, who was very popular. Madea was strong, funny, and smart. Guess what? Tyler got the inspiration for Madea from his mom, Willie Maxine Perry, and his aunt. They were strong women who influenced him a lot.

Tyler Perry’s Bond with His Mom

Tyler Perry and his mom were very close. They loved each other a lot. Tyler had some tough times growing up, especially with his dad. But his mom was always there for him, supporting and loving him.

Family Matters – Discovering the Truth

When Tyler Perry got older, he found out something surprising. The man he thought was his real dad, Mr. Emmitt, was not actually his biological father. Even after this discovery, Tyler still stayed close to Mr. Emmitt.

Willie Maxine Perry’s Passing

On December 8, 2009, Willie Maxine Perry passed away at the age of 64. She was not feeling well for some time before that. Tyler Perry shared this sad news on his website and thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

Tyler Perry’s Personal Life

Apart from his job, Tyler Perry’s personal life also got attention. He became a dad on November 30, 2014, to a boy named Aman Tyler Perry. His mom, Willie Maxine Perry, became a grandma! Tyler’s partner at the time was Gelila Bekele, who is a model and activist from Ethiopia. Although they broke up later on, Tyler still loves his son very much and wants to be the best dad he can be.

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FAQs About Willie Maxine Perry

Who was Willie Maxine Perry?

Willie Maxine Perry was the mother of Tyler Perry, a famous movie producer, actor, director, and screenwriter. She played a significant role in inspiring and supporting Tyler throughout his life.

What was Willie Maxine Perry’s profession?

Willie Maxine Perry was a preschool teacher in New Orleans before her passing.

How did Willie Maxine Perry influence Tyler Perry’s career?

Willie Maxine Perry served as the inspiration for the iconic character of Madea, portrayed by Tyler Perry in his shows and movies. Madea’s character was based on the strong and wise women in Tyler’s childhood, particularly his mother and aunt.

When did Willie Maxine Perry pass away?

Willie Maxine Perry passed away on December 8, 2009, at the age of 64, after battling an illness.

How many children did Willie Maxine Perry have?

Willie Maxine Perry and her husband, Emmitt Perry Sr., had four children together: Tyler Perry, Emmbre Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, and Melva Porter.

Was Willie Maxine Perry married to Tyler Perry’s biological father?

Yes, Willie Maxine Perry was married to Tyler Perry’s biological father, Emmitt Perry Sr.

Did Willie Maxine Perry have any influence on Tyler Perry’s personal life?

Willie Maxine Perry’s love and support played a significant role in shaping Tyler Perry’s personal life. He shared a close bond with his mother and remained grateful for her influence even after her passing.

Did Willie Maxine Perry have any involvement in the entertainment industry?

Willie Maxine Perry was not directly involved in the entertainment industry. However, her impact on her son’s work and success as a movie producer and actor was profound, as she served as the inspiration for the beloved character of Madea.

Final Thoughts

Willie Maxine Perry, as Tyler Perry’s mom, was a special and important person in his life. She inspired him to create the wonderful character of Madea, and they shared a close bond. Even after her passing, her love and influence continue to be a big part of Tyler’s work and who he is today. Willie Maxine Perry’s memory lives on, not only in Tyler’s heart but also in the hearts of all the people who enjoy the amazing stories he tells.


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