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Wilmer Valderrama Net worth, Age, Height, Family & More [2024]

Wilmer Valderrama Net worth, Age, Height, Family & More [2024]

Last updated on: April 28, 2024

Wilmer Valderrama is a famous American actor. You might know him from the TV show “That ’70s Show” where he played Fez. He’s also in “NCIS” as Special Agent Nick Torres.

But acting isn’t all he does. Wilmer helps others too. He works with the USO, which helps soldiers and their families. He also started a group called Harness. It helps people who don’t always get a fair chance.

Wilmer cares about kids too. He made a program called Ready 2 Lead. It helps Latino kids become leaders.

As of May 2024, Wilmer Valderrama is 44 years and 3 months old, his estimated net worth is $20 million, and he stands at a height of 5 feet 7¾ inches (172 cm or 1.72 m) tall.

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Bio / Wiki

Full Name

Wilmer Eduardo Valderrama


Eduardo Fresco, Will


Actor, Singer, Dancer, Producer


Wilmer became popular after working in “That ’70s Show” where he played Fez. People really liked his acting, and he got nominated for Teen Choice Awards because of it.

Even after “That ’70s Show” ended, Wilmer kept acting in different kinds of roles. He was in a cool sci-fi series called “Minority Report” and played a bad guy in “From Dusk Till Dawn.” He’s also done voice acting in cartoons like “Handy Manny” and “Encanto.”

But Wilmer does more than just act. He started making TV shows too! One of them was “Yo Momma” on MTV. He also helped produce other MTV shows like “Punk’d” and “Trippin’.”



Summer Catch (2001)

TV Show

Four Corners (1998)

Best Known for

Playing Fez in Fox’s period sitcom That ’70s Show from 1998 to 2006


Full list

Personal Profile and Background Details

Date of Birth

January 30, 1980


As of today, Wilmer is 44 years, 3 months, and 27 days old.

Zodiac sign



Wilmer Valderrama signature



Birth Place

Miami, Florida, United States of America


Los Angeles, California, United States of America

School / College / University

Taft High School



Race / Ethnicity

Colombian, Venezuelan ancestry

Food Habits



Cooking, Boxing punching bag.

Physical Attributes and Measurements


  • In feet – 5′ 7¾”
  • In Centimeters – 172 cm
  • In meters – 1.72 m


  • In kilograms – 74 kg
  • In Pounds – 163 lbs

Body Measurements

  • Chest Size: 41 inches
  • Biceps Size: 14 inches
  • Waist Size: 32 inches

Shoe size

10 (US)

Eye color

Dark Brown

Hair Color



Wilmer Valderrama’s family is like a tight-knit team, blending Venezuelan and Colombian roots. His parents, Balbino A. Valderrama and Sobeida Valderrama, are the pillars of their family.

He’s got two awesome sisters, Marilyn Valderrama, and Stephanie Valderrama, making their family gatherings lively and fun.

Born in sunny Miami, Florida, Wilmer’s family later moved to Venezuela when he was just three. They stayed there for a while before returning to the U.S. when Wilmer turned thirteen.

Now, in his own family, Wilmer’s engaged to Amanda Pacheco, and together they have a cute daughter named Nakano Oceana.

What’s super cool is that Wilmer is super close to each family member. They’re like a squad that loves doing everything together! From sharing meals to going on adventures, they’re always there for each other, making memories that last a lifetime.


Amanda Pacheco

Wilmer Valderrama life-partner Amanda Pacheco

Wilmer Valderrama with partner Amanda Pacheco


Balbino A. Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama father Balbino Valderrama Wilmer Valderrama with father Balbino Valderrama



Sobeida Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama mother Sobeida Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama with his mother Sobeida Valderrama


Marilyn Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama sister Marilyn Valderrama Wilmer Valderrama with sister Marilyn Valderrama


Stephanie Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama sister Stephanie Valderrama Wilmer Valderrama with sisters



Nakano Oceana Valderrama (daughter)

Wilmer Valderrama daughter Nakano Oceana Valderrama Wilmer Valderrama with daughter Nakano Oceana Valderrama


Christian Valderrama (Nephew)

Wilmer Valderrama Nephew Christian Valderama


Relationship & More

Marital Status

Engaged with Amanda Pacheco

Marriage Date


Girlfriend and Dating History

Christina Milian (1998)

Back when Wilmer Valderrama and Christina Milian were teenagers, they dated for around three months from March to June in 1998. Wilmer was 18 years old, and Christina Milian was a singer.

Ariana Richards (1999)

Wilmer Valderrama and Ariana Richards dated from January to February 1999. Their relationship was brief, lasting only a month. They were spotted together at the Varsity Blues Premiere in January 1999. That it what we know.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (1999)

In late 1999, there were rumors that Wilmer Valderrama and Jennifer Love Hewitt were dating. Wilmer even said in an interview that they had a romantic relationship, but Jennifer Love Hewitt said that wasn’t true.

It took a long time for anyone to confirm if they were really together or not, and different people said different things about what really happened between them.

Mandy Moore (2000–2002)

Wilmer Valderrama with ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore

Wilmer Valderrama and Mandy Moore were in a relationship from 2000 to 2002. They met when Moore was 15 years old during a photo shoot for a magazine. Their relationship lasted for approximately two years

In 2006, Valderrama claimed on “The Howard Stern Show” that he took Moore’s virginity, a statement that Moore later refuted, calling it “utterly tacky” and untrue.

Despite this, Moore mentioned that they are friendly and have mutual friends, with Valderrama even visiting her house occasionally.

Lindsay Lohan (2004)

Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan started dating back in 2004. Lindsay was around 18 years old, and Wilmer was about 24. They were together for a few months but kept their romance low-key, often hanging out at fancy clubs and parties in Hollywood.

It’s interesting to note that Wilmer tried to help Lindsay get a role on “That ’70s Show,” the same show he starred in. Sadly, she couldn’t take the part because she had to go to the hospital for feeling really tired.

Even though they spent time together and had some good moments, their relationship eventually came to an end.

Ashlee Simpson (2005) (Rumor)

Rihanna (2009) (Rumor)

Avril Lavigne (2009) (Rumor)

Demi Lovato (2010–2016)

Wilmer Valderrama with ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato

Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato met back in 2010. Demi was just 17, and Wilmer was 29. They crossed paths at a shoot for a public service announcement at Wilmer’s place about filling out census forms. Demi later confessed she thought Wilmer was really cute and just had to get to know him, even though he initially joked about her being too young.

Once Demi turned 18, they started dating that same year. Demi said it felt like love at first sight, something she didn’t really believe in until it happened with Wilmer. They were together on and off for almost 6 years, but in 2016, they decided to end things. They explained in a statement that while it was a tough choice, they realized they were better off as best friends.

Demi talked about the breakup later, saying she needed time to be independent and focus on herself. Even though they shared a deep bond, they both agreed that staying friends was the best thing for them in the end.

Minka Kelly (2012) (Rumored)

Chantel Jeffries (2017)

Amanda Pacheco (2019–Present)

Wilmer Valerrame with girlfriend Amanda Pacheco 

Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco’s love story started when a friend introduced them in 2019. Wilmer felt a strong connection right away, like a “gravitational pull,” and they began dating that same year.

Their first public outing as a couple was when they went shopping together in Los Angeles. People noticed and talked about how cute they looked together. They also went to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding together in June 2019, showing that they were serious about each other.

Then, on a beautiful beach in San Diego on New Year’s Day 2020, Wilmer popped the big question to Amanda, and she said yes! They shared the happy news on Instagram with a lovely photo of the proposal moment.

In December 2020, they shared another exciting announcement – they were going to have a baby! Their daughter, Nakano Oceana, was born in February 2021, bringing even more joy to their lives.

Throughout their relationship, Wilmer and Amanda have been very open about their love for each other on social media. They often share sweet photos and messages, showing how much they care.

As of April 2024, they’re still engaged and looking forward to their wedding. Even though they haven’t picked a date yet. Their love story continues to inspire others with its sweetness and romance.

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Food – Moghlai
  • Romantic Song – Take My Breath Away
  • Favorite Sport – Soccer
  • Favorite Artists – Marc Anthony, U2, Santana
  • Movies – Top Gun, Pulp Fiction, Desperado, The Sixth Sense

Wilmer Valderrama transparent background png image

Net worth 2024

Wilmer Valderrama Net Worth

$20 million

As of May 2024, it’s estimated that Wilmer Valderrama has a net worth of about $220 million, based on information from different reliable sources. He makes money in a few different ways because he’s really good at a lot of things!

Firstly, he acts in TV shows and movies, like when he played Fez in “That ’70s Show” and Special Agent Nick Torres in “NCIS.” Acting is a big part of how he earns money. For this work, he took $100k for an episode.

He also directs and produces TV shows. That means he helps decide how the show looks and what happens in it. He even created a show called “Yo Momma.” That’s another way he brings in cash.

Did you know he’s also into music? He has a stage name, Eduardo Fresco, and sings songs. Sometimes, he’s in music videos too. That’s another fun way he makes money.

Plus, Wilmer is smart with his money. He owns fancy houses in Los Angeles and fixes them up to be even cooler. That’s called investing in real estate. It’s like buying and selling homes to make more money.

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Car collection

1969 Vista Cruiser


Wilmer Valderrama lives in a really cool house in Los Angeles! He got it when he was in his mid-20s, and it’s super fancy. The house used to belong to another famous actor, Chuck Norris. It’s massive, with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms! Imagine having that many bathrooms – no more waiting in line!

In 2019, Wilmer bought the house next door too, so now he has even more space for his family. His fiancée, Amanda Pacheco, and their daughter, Nakano, live there, along with his parents and his father-in-law. It’s like a big family gathering all the time!

What’s really neat about Wilmer’s house is that it’s not just any ordinary home. He has a room filled with all sorts of cool stuff, like old newspapers, a fancy barber chair, an antique wooden bar, and even a coffee table made from a part of a Japanese fishing boat! Talk about unique decorations.

Everything in Wilmer’s house has a story, and he picked out each item carefully to make the place feel special. It’s like a mix of old-fashioned and modern styles, giving it a really cool vibe.


Wilmer Valderrama's pet dog

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