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Zoey du Plessis – Faf du Plessis’s Daughter | Know About Her

Zoey du Plessis – Faf du Plessis’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 19, 2024

If you are a cricket fan, you might have heard of Faf du Plessis, the former South African cricket captain. But did you know that he’s not just a cricket star but also a loving dad to two adorable daughters, one of whom is Zoey du Plessis? Let’s dive into the world of Zoey and get to know her a bit better!

Faf du Plessis's Daughter Zoey
Daughter Zoey
Quick Facts about Zoey du Plessis Details
Full Name Zoey du Plessis
Date of Birth September 9, 2020
Occupation N/A (child)
Parents Faf du Plessis (Father)
Imari Visser (Mother)
Siblings Amelie du Plessis (Sister)
Children N/A (young)
Net Worth N/A (child)
Education N/A (young)
Age 3 years and 8 months old

Meet the Du Plessis Family

Faf du Plessis hails from a warm and close-knit family in Pretoria, South Africa. His parents are Francois du Plessis and Ina Rynners. Dad used to play rugby, and mom is a homemaker. Zoey is not the only sibling; she has two aunts, Rhemi and Sharmi. Rhemi is the brain behind a kids’ clothing brand called Baby Backup, and Sharmi teaches at a nursery school.

Faf du Plessis with his family
Faf du Plessis with his family

Faf’s Love Story with Imari

Imari Visser, Faf’s lifelong sweetheart, was married in November 2013. The couple is the epitome of contentment and frequently posts adorable photos to social media. Their path together has been one of love and happiness, giving their children the ideal family environment.

The Arrival of Amelie

Before Zoey stole the spotlight, Faf and Imari welcomed their first bundle of joy, Amelie du Plessis, into the world in June 2017. Amelie brought immense happiness to the family, making Faf not only a cricket hero but also a doting dad. The du Plessis family shared their joy with fans through heartwarming pictures and glimpses into their family life.

Zoey’s Debut – A September Surprise

Zoey du Plessis made her grand entrance into the world in September 2020, becoming the youngest member of the du Plessis squad. Faf took to social media to announce the arrival of their second daughter, sharing the excitement with fans. The name ‘Zoey’ was chosen for the newest family member, adding another charming chapter to the du Plessis family story.

Faf du Plessis wife and daughter zoey
Faf du Plessis wife and daughter zoey

Sisters in the Limelight

Before long, Amelie and Zoey became Faf and Imari’s darlings. Adorable moments between the sisters are shared on Faf’s social media. The du Plessis sisters appear to be accumulating a wealth of priceless memories, whether they are playing or going on family vacations.

Zoey’s Early Days

Being the younger one, Zoey is still in her early years, exploring the wonders of the world. From the first smile to the first steps, each milestone is a cause for celebration in the du Plessis household. Faf and Imari have embraced parenthood with open hearts, savoring the simple yet magical moments with Zoey and Amelie.

Faf du Plessis with his two daughters
Faf with his two daughters

Faf’s Role Beyond the Cricket Pitch

While Faf du Plessis is undoubtedly a cricket sensation, his role as a father is equally important. Beyond the cheering crowds and cricket stadiums, Faf finds joy in being with his daughters. The glimpses shared on social media reveal a caring dad, cherishing the journey of parenthood.

Zoey’s Future Adventures

As Zoey continues to grow, she’ll undoubtedly be part of many more family adventures. From cricket matches to cozy family evenings, the du Plessis family seems to find joy in the little things. And who knows, maybe one day, we’ll see Zoey cheering for her dad from the stands, proudly wearing the Proteas jersey.

Faf du Plessis's Daughter Zoey du Plessis
Faf du Plessis’s Daughter Zoey du Plessis

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FAQs About Zoey du Plessis

Who is Zoey du Plessis?

Zoey du Plessis is the youngest daughter of Faf du Plessis, the former South African cricket captain, and his wife Imari Visser. She was born in September 2020.

What is Zoey’s Full Name?

Zoey du Plessis is her full name, with the last name inherited from her famous cricketing father, Faf du Plessis.

When Was Zoey du Plessis Born?

Zoey du Plessis was born in September 2020.

Who Are Zoey’s Siblings?

Zoey has an elder sister named Amelie du Plessis, born in June 2017, making them the two adorable daughters of Faf and Imari.


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