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Zoe Saldana’s Inspiring Mother: The Story of Asalia Nazario

Zoe Saldana’s Inspiring Mother: The Story of Asalia Nazario

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

You might know Zoe Saldana from her amazing performances in movies like “Avatar” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” But do you know about her mother, Asalia Nazario? Let’s take a closer look at the woman behind the famous actress.

Zoe Saldana's Mother Asalia Nazario
Zoe Saldana’s Mother Asalia Nazario
Quick Facts about Asalia Nazario
Full Name Asalia Nazario
Date of Birth N/A
Place of Birth Puerto Rico
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Aridio Saldaña
Education N/A
Age N/A
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Children Zoe SaldanaCisely SaldanaMariel Saldaña Nazario
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life

Asalia Nazario’s journey began in Puerto Rico. She spent her early years there with her mother. But her life took a turn when they moved to the Dominican Republic. This move marked the start of a new chapter in her life.

Meeting Aridio Saldaña

In the Dominican Republic, Asalia Nazario met Aridio Saldaña. They fell in love and started a family. This union would eventually lead to the birth of their daughter, Zoe Saldana, on June 19, 1978.

Family Life

Zoe Saldana grew up in a diverse household. Her father, Aridio Saldaña, had Dominican roots, while her mother, Asalia Nazario, was Puerto Rican. This blend of cultures and backgrounds would shape Zoe’s upbringing.

Sibling Bond

Zoe Saldana is not the only child in the family. She has two sisters, Cisely and Mariel. Their close-knit sibling bond played a significant role in their lives. Together, they celebrated their family’s heritage.

Cisely with her sisters
Cisely with her sisters

A Tragic Loss

When Zoe Saldana was just nine years old, tragedy struck. Her father, Aridio Saldaña, lost his life in a car accident. This heartbreaking event had a profound impact on the family, especially young Zoe.

Rise to Stardom

Despite the challenges, Zoe Saldana pursued her dreams in the world of acting. Her talent and determination eventually catapulted her to stardom. Her mother, Asalia Nazario, must have been incredibly proud of her daughter’s achievements.

Love and Marriage

In 2013, Zoe Saldana tied the knot with Italian-born artist Marco Perego-Saldana. Their love story added another layer to Zoe’s already multicultural background. The couple’s union reflected their commitment to diversity.

Growing Family

Zoe and Marco’s love story continued with the arrival of their children. They are proud parents to three boys: Cy Aridio, Bowie Ezio, and Zen Perego-Saldana. This loving family is raising their children to embrace different languages and cultures.

Multilingual Upbringing

One unique aspect of Zoe Saldana’s family life is the emphasis on languages. Zoe teaches her children Spanish, connecting them to her Puerto Rican heritage. Marco, being Italian, introduces them to his language, and their nanny helps them with English. It’s a beautiful blend of cultures.

zoe with mother asalia nazario
zoe with mother asalia nazario

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FAQs About Asalia Nazario

Who is Asalia Nazario?

Asalia Nazario is the mother of renowned actress Zoe Saldana.

Where was Asalia Nazario born?

Asalia Nazario was born in Puerto Rico.

What is Asalia Nazario’s cultural background?

Asalia Nazario is of Puerto Rican heritage.

How did Asalia Nazario meet Zoe Saldana’s father?

Asalia Nazario met Zoe Saldana’s father, Aridio Saldaña, in the Dominican Republic.

When was Zoe Saldana born?

Zoe Saldana was born on June 19, 1978.

How many children does Asalia Nazario have?

Asalia Nazario has three children, including Zoe Saldana.

What happened to Zoe Saldana’s father, Aridio Saldaña?

Tragically, Aridio Saldaña passed away in a car accident when Zoe Saldana was just nine years old.

Who is Zoe Saldana married to?

Zoe Saldana is married to Italian-born artist Marco Perego-Saldana.

How many children do Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego-Saldana have?

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego-Saldana have three sons: Cy Aridio, Bowie Ezio, and Zen Perego-Saldana.

Final Thoughts

Asalia Nazario, Zoe Saldana’s mother, has played a crucial role in shaping the actress’s life. From their early days in Puerto Rico to their multicultural family in the United States, their journey is a testament to the power of diversity and love. While Zoe shines on the big screen, she carries with her the values and heritage instilled by her mother. Together with her husband Marco, they are creating a rich cultural tapestry for their children. As we celebrate Zoe Saldana’s incredible career, let’s also appreciate the woman who stood by her side through it all—her beloved mother, Asalia Nazario.


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