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Avie Lee Owens – Dolly Parton’s Mother | Know About Her

Avie Lee Owens – Dolly Parton’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 12, 2024

If you’ve ever enjoyed the sweet tunes of Dolly Parton’s music, you might be curious about the person who helped shape her musical journey. Avie Lee Owens, Dolly Parton’s mother, played a big role in making Dolly the star she is today. Let’s dive into some interesting facts about Avie Lee Owens and her influence on Dolly’s life.

Avie Lee Owens with daughter Dolly Parton
Avie Lee Owens with daughter Dolly Parton
Quick Facts About Avie Lee Owens Details
Full Name Avie Lee Owens
Birthdate October 5, 1923
Occupation Homemaker, Music Lover
Husband/Wife Robert Lee Parton Sr.
Died 5 December 2003
Age 80 years at the time of passing (2003)
Parents Rena Kansas OwensJake Robert Owens
Grandchildren Timothy C. Rauhoff, Heidi Lou
Children Stella Parton (sister), Willadeene Parton (sister), Rachel Dennison (sister), Randy Parton (brother), Freida Estelle Parton (sister), Larry Gerald Parton (brother), Floyd Parton (brother), Cassie Nan Parton (sister) (singer), Coy Denver Parton (brother), David Wilburn Parton (brother), Robert Lee Parton Jr.(brother)
Musical Talents Sang, played instruments, fostered musical atmosphere
Family Home Small cabin near Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
Influence on Dolly Shaped Dolly’s love for music and upbringing
Passing Away December 5, 2003, in Knoxville, Tennessee
Legacy Inspires Dolly’s music, philanthropy, family values
Mention in Dolly’s Work Frequently mentioned in songs, stories, interviews
Continuing Influence Dolly’s commitment to roots, charity, and family

Early Life and Family

Avie Lee Owens was born in South Carolina in 1923. She married Robert Lee Parton Sr., and together they had a huge family – twelve children in total! Imagine having so many brothers and sisters. Dolly Parton was one of them.

Music in the Air

Avie Lee Owens loved music, and she shared that love with her family. She could sing and play instruments, and her family often sang together at different events. From weddings to church gatherings, they made music a big part of their lives. This musical environment had a big impact on Dolly’s love for music.

Growing Up Together

The Parton family lived in a small cabin near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. They were a close-knit family, and they stuck together through thick and thin. Dolly and her siblings had a special bond, and they all grew up surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Dolly’s Musical Beginnings

Avie Lee Owens’ love for music rubbed off on Dolly. When Dolly was just a kid, she got a guitar as a gift. This was the start of something big. Dolly learned to play the guitar, and her uncle Bill helped her along the way. Music became Dolly’s best friend, and she practiced every chance she got.

Mother-Daughter Connection

Dolly shared a special connection with her mother. Avie Lee’s singing and the family’s musical atmosphere inspired Dolly deeply. She felt a strong tie to music, which stayed with her all her life. Even when Dolly became famous, she held onto her roots and the music her mother loved.

Dolly Parton with 10 siblings and parents
Dolly Parton with 10 siblings and parents

A Family of Many Talents

Avie Lee Owens’ family was full of talent. Dolly’s siblings had their own gifts – some sang, some played instruments, and others were gifted in different ways. It’s like they were a mini-music group right at home!

Husband’s Support

While Avie Lee’s musical talents shone, her husband, Robert Lee Parton Sr., supported the family in other ways. He worked as a construction worker, which helped provide for the family. Even though he wasn’t a musician, his role was important in shaping the family’s values and upbringing.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Avie Lee Owens’ influence went beyond just music. She and Robert raised their family with strong values and a love for their roots. Dolly often talks about how her upbringing in a small cabin and the love of her family inspired her to be who she is today.

Remembering Avie Lee Owens

Avie Lee Owens passed away in 2003, leaving behind a legacy that continues to touch lives. Her impact on Dolly’s music and life is immeasurable. Dolly’s success, her commitment to helping others, and her ties to her southern roots all come from the love and values that Avie Lee taught her.

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FAQs About Avie Lee Owens

Who is Avie Lee Owens?

Avie Lee Owens was the mother of the famous country music artist Dolly Parton. She played a significant role in shaping Dolly’s musical journey and upbringing.

When and where was Avie Lee Owens born?

Avie Lee Owens was born on October 5, 1923, in Lockhart, South Carolina, United States.

How many children did Avie Lee Owens have?

Avie Lee Owens had twelve children, and Dolly Parton was one of them. The Parton family was large and close-knit.

Was Avie Lee Owens musically talented?

Yes, Avie Lee Owens had musical talents. She could sing and play instruments. The Parton family often sang together at various events, and music was an important part of their lives.

What was Avie Lee Owens’ role in Dolly Parton’s upbringing?

Avie Lee Owens was not only a loving mother but also a source of inspiration for Dolly. Her values, support, and musical influence helped mold Dolly’s character and creativity.

When did Avie Lee Owens pass away?

Avie Lee Owens passed away on December 5, 2003, in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, at the age of 80.

Is Avie Lee Owens mentioned in Dolly Parton’s work?

Yes, Avie Lee Owens is often mentioned in Dolly Parton’s work, either directly or indirectly. Dolly’s songs and stories often reflect her close bond with her mother and the lessons she learned from her.

Final Thoughts

Avie Lee Owens, the mother of Dolly Parton, was more than just a parent. She was a source of love, music, and inspiration. From a family of twelve children to nurturing Dolly’s musical talents, Avie Lee’s influence is felt in every note of Dolly’s music. As we enjoy Dolly’s songs, let’s remember the woman who helped make those songs possible – Avie Lee Owens.


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