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Azaylia Diamond – Safiyya Vorajee’s Daughter | Know About Her

Azaylia Diamond – Safiyya Vorajee’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

The parents of Azaylia Diamond were Safiyya Vorajee and Ashley Cain. Her birth took place in August 2020, a happy occasion for her family. Sadly, barely two months later, her narrative took a tragic turn.

Safiya Vorajee daughter Azaylia Cain
daughter Azaylia Cain
Quick Facts About Azaylia Diamond Details
Full Name Azaylia Diamond Cain
Birthdate August 10, 2020
Occupation Child
Death Date April 24, 2021
Diagnosis Acute myeloid leukemia
Age Eight months
Parents Mother: Safiyya Vorajee
Father: Ashley Cain
Siblings None
Net Worth N/A (child)

A Heartbreaking Diagnosis

In October 2020, doctors found out that little Azaylia had leukemia, a type of cancer. This news changed everything for her parents. Ashley and Safiyya were devastated, but they knew they had to fight for their daughter’s life.

The Battle Against Cancer

Azaylia’s parents did everything they could to help her. They raised over ¬£1.5 million to fund special treatment in Singapore. They were ready to travel across the world to find a cure. But despite their best efforts, the cancer was too strong. Azaylia’s health got worse, and she passed away in April 2021. She was only eight months old.

Safiyya Vorajee with her daughter Azaylia Cain
Safiyya with her daughter Azaylia Cain

The Grieving Process

Losing a child is one of the hardest things a parent can face. Safiyya Vorajee and Ashley Cain were heartbroken. They had to find a way to cope with their grief. They leaned on each other and their families for support. They also received comfort from people all around the world who sent them messages of love and support.

Keeping Azaylia’s Memory Alive

Her parents want Azaylia’s memory to endure even if she is no longer with them. To assist other families coping with pediatric cancer, they established The Azaylia Foundation. This foundation helps parents who are facing similar difficult circumstances. In the same way that Azaylia improved their lives, Safiyya and Ashley hope to improve the lives of other families.

Safiyya Vorajee with her boyfriend Ashley Thomas Cain
Safiyya with her boyfriend Ashley Thomas Cain

Safiyya Vorajee’s Family

Safiyya Vorajee was born in Nuneaton, a town in Warwickshire, England. She grew up with her mom, Andrea, her dad, Dave, and her brother, Danny. Safiyya is very close to her family.

Safiyya’s Life After Azaylia

After Azaylia passed away, Safiyya had to find a new purpose. She decided to help other families who face childhood cancer. Through The Azaylia Foundation, she works to raise awareness about the disease and support those in need. Safiyya knows that helping others is a way to keep Azaylia’s spirit alive.

A Message of Hope

Ashley and Safiyya are aware of how difficult their path has been. However, they are also aware of their ability to change things. They are making something good out of their suffering by telling others about it and lending a helpful hand. They want people to understand that brightness can exist even in the most dire circumstances. The tale of Azaylia is one of bravery, love, and hope.

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FAQs About Azaylia Diamond

Who is Azaylia Diamond?

‚ÄčAzaylia Diamond is the late daughter of Safiyya Vorajee and Ashley Cain. She was born in August 2020 and passed away in April 2021 after battling acute myeloid leukemia, a rare form of cancer.

What type of cancer did Azaylia Diamond have?

Azaylia Diamond was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a type of blood cancer.

How old was Azaylia Diamond when she passed away?

Azaylia Diamond was eight months old when she died in April 2021.

What did Azaylia Diamond’s parents do to help her?

Safiyya Vorajee and Ashley Cain raised over £1.5 million to fund specialized treatment for Azaylia in Singapore. They were prepared to travel there to seek a cure, but her condition worsened, and she passed away before they could go.

Where was Azaylia Diamond born?

Azaylia Diamond was born in August 2020. Her parents, Safiyya Vorajee and Ashley Cain, live in the United Kingdom.


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