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Betty Lou Bredemus – Julia Roberts’s Mother | Know About Her

Betty Lou Bredemus – Julia Roberts’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 12, 2024

Julia Roberts, the beloved Hollywood actress, owes a significant part of her talent and charisma to her mother, Betty Lou Bredemus. Let’s take a closer look at the life of Betty Lou, the woman who played a crucial role in shaping the star we know today.

Julia Roberts's Mother Betty Lou Bredemus
Betty Lou Bredemus
Quick Facts about Betty Lou Bredemus INFORMATION
Full Name Betty Lou Bredemus
Birthdate 13 August 1934
Occupation Actress, Acting Coach
Husband/Wife Walter Grady Roberts (First), Michael Motes, Eileen Sellars
Died 19 February 2015
Age at Passing 80 years old (at the time of passing in 2015)
Parents Wendell John Bredemus, Elizabeth Ellen Billingsley
Children Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts
Lisa Roberts Gillan, Nancy Motes
Net Worth $3 million (Approx.)

Early Life and Career

Betty Lou Bredemus, born to acting parents, found her own path in the world of entertainment. Hailing from Smyrna, Georgia, she not only pursued acting but also worked as an acting coach. In Betty Lou’s trip, she served in the air force, which showed how flexible and determined she was in many areas.

Family Ties

Betty Lou was not just Julia Roberts’s mother; she was a matriarch to a talented family. Her children included Eric Roberts, Lisa Roberts Gillan, and Nancy Motes. Julia’s half-sister Nancy, who is from Betty Lou’s second marriage, brought something new to the family.

Julia Roberts's Sister Lisa Roberts Gillan
Lisa Roberts Gillan

Passion for Acting

Beyond being a mother, Betty Lou was deeply involved in the art of acting. She ran an acting school in Smyrna, Georgia, underlining her commitment to nurturing talent. This passion for the craft passed down to her children, evident in Julia Roberts’s illustrious acting career.

The Heartbreak of Loss

In 2015, Betty Lou Bredemus left the world, succumbing to lung cancer at the age of 80. This loss was deeply felt by Julia Roberts, who, in 2023, still honors her mother’s memory with heartfelt tributes on her birthday.

Julia Roberts sister Nancy Motes
Nancy Motes

Tributes and Remembering

Julia Roberts, known for her warmth and grace, often shares rare glimpses of her life with her mother. On her mother’s birthday, Julia takes to Instagram, celebrating the woman who not only brought her into the world but also played a crucial role in shaping her into the iconic actress we adore.

Family Beyond Julia

Betty Lou’s legacy extends beyond Julia Roberts. Her other children, Eric and Lisa, are also accomplished in their own right. Younger brother Eric Roberts has become famous as an actor, showing that the ability runs in the family through the generations.

Julia Roberts brother Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts

Marriage and Personal Life

Betty Lou’s journey included love and companionship. Her first marriage was to Walter Grady Roberts, and together they raised a family immersed in the arts. After Walter’s passing due to cancer, Betty Lou remarried, adding new chapters to her life.

Julia Roberts's Father Walter Grady Roberts
Walter Grady Roberts

Julia Roberts: A Daughter’s Tribute

The name Julia Roberts makes us think of Hollywood royalty, and she often makes us feel nostalgic. Julie honors the woman who not only gave birth to her but also taught her the values and love that make her who she is through rare family pictures and heartfelt messages.

Legacy and Influence

Betty Lou Bredemus’s influence goes beyond her time on this earth. People still talk about how much she cared about the arts, her family, and how she affected the lives of her children. Julia Roberts takes a piece of her mother’s legacy with her in every smile she shares and every role she plays.

Julia Roberts with mother Betty Lou
Julia Roberts with mother Betty Lou

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FAQs About Betty Lou Bredemus

Who was Betty Lou Bredemus?

Betty Lou Bredemus was the mother of the renowned Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Apart from being a mother, Betty Lou had a background in acting and worked as an acting coach.

What was Betty Lou’s career in the military?

Betty Lou Bredemus served in the air force, showcasing her versatility in different fields, including a stint in the military.

How many children did Betty Lou Bredemus have?

Betty Lou was the mother of four children. Her children include Eric Roberts, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Nancy Motes, and the acclaimed actress Julia Roberts.

When did Betty Lou Bredemus pass away?

Betty Lou Bredemus passed away in 2015 at the age of 80. She lost her battle to lung cancer.

Who were Betty Lou’s spouses?

Betty Lou Bredemus was first married to Walter Grady Roberts. After his passing due to cancer, she remarried. Her second marriage added new chapters to her life.

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