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Who is Carlos Enrique Segura? Meet Jean Segura’s Father

Who is Carlos Enrique Segura? Meet Jean Segura’s Father

Last updated on: June 13, 2024

Carlos Enrique Segura is a significant figure in the life of Jean Segura, the renowned Dominican professional baseball infielder.

Jean Segura father Carlos Enrique Segura de la Rosa
Carlos Enrique Segura de la Rosa
Quick Facts about Carlos Enrique Segura Details
Full Name Carlos Enrique Segura de la Rosa
Birthdate 1965
Place of Birth San Juan Province, Dominican Republic
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Anny Maribel Encarnación
Education N/A
Age 59 years and 7 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Son: Jean Segura
Grandchildren Four grandchildren: Juan Diego, Giancarlo, Jacob, Janniel (died)
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Family

The Dominican Republic’s San Juan Province is home to Carlos Enrique Segura. Throughout Jean’s early years, he and his wife Anny Maribel Encarnación gave him steadfast support. Even though they were struggling financially, they put Jean’s education first and encouraged his love of baseball.

Jean Segura's mother Anny Maribel Encarnación
Wife Anny Maribel Encarnación

Supportive Parents

Through thick and thin, Jean was supported by Carlos and Anny. They inspired him to go for his goals in spite of limited means. Jean was driven forward by their faith in his abilities, which gave him the willpower to conquer challenges and succeed in all he attempted.

Tragic Loss and Resilience

After Jean married Kellen Mendez Segura in 2013, they had Janniel, their first son. Sadly, Janniel died in 2014 at the age of nine months, leaving Jean and Kellen sad. In spite of their deep sorrow, Carlos and Anny gave their son and daughter-in-law unshakable support, which enabled them to get through this terrible loss.

Jean Segura family
Jean Segura family

A Strong Family Bond

Following the loss of Janniel, Jean and Kellen found solace in their growing family. They are now proud parents to three sons: Juan Diego, Giancarlo, and Jacob. The Segura family shares a deep bond, strengthened by their love for one another and their shared experiences.

Jean Segura kids

Shared Passions and Traditions

The Segura family is known for their love of Disney characters and frequent visits to Disney World. They cherish these moments together, creating lasting memories that transcend Jean’s baseball career. Carlos and Anny actively participate in these family traditions, fostering a sense of unity and joy.

Supportive Presence at Games

During Jean’s games, Carlos, Anny, Kellen, and their grandchildren are frequently spotted supporting Jean from the stands. Jean finds motivation in their constant support, which serves as a reminder of the value of family amidst the responsibilities of his career.

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FAQs About Carlos Enrique Segura

Who is Carlos Enrique Segura?

Carlos Enrique Segura is the father of Jean Segura, a professional baseball infielder.

Where is Carlos Enrique Segura from?

​Carlos Enrique Segura is from the San Juan Province of the Dominican Republic.

How many grandchildren does Carlos Enrique Segura have?

Carlos Enrique Segura has four grandchildren: Juan Diego, Giancarlo, Jacob, and Janniel (Died).


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