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Who is Chen Ping-Yi? The Mother of PGA Star Xander Schauffele

Who is Chen Ping-Yi? The Mother of PGA Star Xander Schauffele

Last updated on: June 13, 2024

Professional golfer Xander Schauffele’s mother, Chen Ping-Yi, gives his background a special touch. She was born in Taiwan and her family is multi-cultural.

Xander Schauffele mother Chen Ping-Yi
mother Chen Ping-Yi
Quick Facts about Chen Ping-Yi Details
Full Name Chen Ping-Yi
Birthdate 1960
Occupation N/A
Husband Stefan Schauffele (German descent)
Education N/A
Age 64 years and 6 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Xander Schauffele (son)
Nico Schauffele (elder son)
Net Worth <$1 million

A Diverse Family Story

The life of Chen Ping-Yi is entwined with that of her German-born spouse, Stefan Schauffele. They met and fell in love in the United States, where their paths eventually collided. The wide range of origins Xander comes from enhances his outlook and upbringing.

Xander Schauffele father Stefan Schauffele
Husband Stefan Schauffele

A Supportive Figure

A major influence in Xander’s life is Chen Ping-Yi, who has been there for him no matter what during his golf career. His work ethic and character have greatly benefited from her support and direction.

A Competitive Spirit

Before becoming a mother, Chen Ping-Yi was a competitive athlete herself, having engaged in track and field in Taiwan. This background likely instilled in her the values of determination and resilience, which she passed on to Xander.

Xander Schauffele with his mother Chen Ping-Yi
Xander with his mother Chen Ping-Yi

The Mother-Son Bond

Their interactions show how close Chen Ping-Yi and Xander are to one another. She’s been at all of his competitions, supporting him from the sidelines and proudly acknowledging his wins.

A Family Affair

Family is at the heart of Xander’s world, and Chen Ping-Yi plays a central role in fostering that sense of togetherness. Her support extends not only to Xander but also to his elder brother, Nico Schauffele, who is actively involved in Xander’s career.

Xander Schauffele family
Xander Schauffele family

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An Ever-Present Influence

While Stefan Schauffele serves as Xander’s swing coach, Chen Ping-Yi provides emotional support and guidance, creating a well-rounded support system for her son.

Maya Schauffele: Xander’s Partner in Life

In 2021, Xander married his long-time girlfriend, Maya Schauffele, further solidifying the family unit. Maya’s presence at Xander’s tournaments highlights the strength of their relationship and her unwavering support for his endeavors.


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