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Who Was Chlora Lawrence? Meet Martin Lawrence’s Mother and Her Legacy

Who Was Chlora Lawrence? Meet Martin Lawrence’s Mother and Her Legacy

Last updated on: June 15, 2024

Chlora Lawrence holds a special place in the heart of her son, Martin Lawrence, the famous actor and comedian. Her life and influence are remembered fondly by Martin and his family.

Martin Lawrence's Mother Chlora Lawrence
Mother Chlora Lawrence
Quick Facts About Chlora Lawrence Details
Full Name Chlora Lawrence
Birthdate 24 July 1930
Date of Passing 28 August 2008
Age at Passing Died at 78 Years
Nationality American
Husband John Lawrence
Parents Not Known
Children Sons: Martin Lawrence, Robert Lawrence
Daughters: Ursula Lawrence, Rae Proctor
Granddaughter Jasmin LawrenceAmara Trinity LawrenceIyanna Faith Lawrence
Net worth <$1 million

Who Was Chlora Lawrence?

Martin Lawrence’s adored mother was Chlora Lawrence. Her loving and warm legacy was left behind when she died away in 2008.

Martin Lawrence with his mother Chlora
Martin Lawrence with his mother Chlora

Her Relationship with Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence, known for his roles in movies like “Bad Boys” and “Big Momma’s House,” often pays tribute to his mother. He shares memories and photos of her on special occasions, showing how much he cares.

Martin Lawrence sister Rae Proctor
Daughter Rae Proctor

Family Life

Chlora Lawrence was not just Martin’s mother; she was also part of a loving family. Martin has sisters named Ursula and Rae, as well as a brother named Robert. His father, John Lawrence, completes their family picture.

Martin Lawrence's Sister Ursula Lawrence
Daughter Ursula Lawrence

Martin Lawrence’s Tributes

Even years after her passing, Martin Lawrence continues to honor his mother. He celebrates her birthday and other important days with heartfelt messages and memories.

Martin Lawrence with brother Robert Lawrence
Martin Lawrence with brother Robert Lawrence

Personal Life

Martin Lawrence has been married twice. His first marriage was to Patricia Southall, and later he married Shamicka Hill. Though both marriages ended, he remains close to his daughters: Jasmine, Iyanna, and Amara.

Martin Lawrence with daughters
Martin Lawrence with daughters


Martin Lawrence was undoubtedly influenced by Chlora Lawrence. He is the person he is now because of her love and principles, in both his personal and professional lives.

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FAQs About Chlora Lawrence

Who was Chlora Lawrence?

Chlora Lawrence was the mother of Martin Lawrence, the well-known actor and comedian.

When did Chlora Lawrence pass away?

Chlora Lawrence passed away in 2008.

How does Martin Lawrence remember his mother?

Martin Lawrence remembers his mother fondly by sharing tributes, memories, and photos of her on special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

Did Chlora Lawrence have other children besides Martin Lawrence?

Yes, Chlora Lawrence had other children besides Martin. She had daughters named Ursula and Rae, and a son named Robert.

What was Chlora Lawrence’s family like?

Chlora Lawrence was married to John Lawrence and together they raised their children with love and care.


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