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Discover Rae Proctor : Martin Lawrence’s Supportive Sister

Discover Rae Proctor : Martin Lawrence’s Supportive Sister

Last updated on: June 14, 2024

A significant family member of Martin Lawrence is Rae Proctor. She is his sister and has helped him both personally and professionally.

Martin Lawrence with sister Rae Proctor
Martin Lawrence with sister Rae Proctor
Quick Facts About Rae Proctor Details
Full Name Rae Proctor
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Personal Assistant
Husband/Wife Not Known
Age 55+ (as of 2024)
Parents John Lawrence (father)
Chlora Lawrence (mother)
Siblings Martin Lawrence, Ursula Lawrence, Robert Lawrence
Children N/A
Net Worth $1 million (as of 2024)

Family Background

Martin Lawrence, a well-known actor and comedian, was born on April 16, 1965. Rae Proctor is one of his siblings, along with Ursula Lawrence and Robert Lawrence. They grew up together in a close-knit family with their parents, John Lawrence and Chlora Lawrence.

Martin Lawrence sister Rae Proctor
Rae Proctor

Her Role in Martin’s Life

Martin Lawrence’s career has benefited greatly from Rae Proctor’s contribution. She has been his personal assistant for a long time, assisting him with several facets of his work behind the scenes. This involves helping him out while he’s producing things like his stand-up specials.

Career Contributions

As Martin’s personal assistant, Rae Proctor has been involved in coordinating and managing tasks that contribute to the success of his endeavors. Her dedication and hard work behind the scenes have been instrumental in supporting Martin’s career milestones.

Martin Lawrence's Mother Chlora Lawrence
Mother Chlora Lawrence

Personal Life

Beyond her professional role, not much is publicly known about Rae Proctor’s personal life. She maintains a private profile while focusing on her supportive role within her brother’s career.

Martin Lawrence’s Family Dynamics

The Lawrence family is renowned for having a close relationship and being there for one another. Martin frequently mentions how his family shaped both his personal and professional life. Martin has received continuous support and motivation from Rae Proctor and her siblings during his career in the entertainment sector.

Significance in Martin’s Career

Rae Proctor’s consistent presence as Martin Lawrence’s personal assistant highlights her importance in his life. Her organizational skills and dedication behind the scenes have contributed to the smooth operation of his projects, ensuring that Martin can focus on delivering his best performances to his audience.

Martin Lawrence with his sister Rae Proctor
Martin Lawrence with his sister Rae Proctor

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FAQs About Rae Proctor

What is Rae Proctor’s relationship to Martin Lawrence?

Rae Proctor is Martin Lawrence’s sister.

What is Rae Proctor’s role in Martin Lawrence’s career?

Rae Proctor serves as Martin Lawrence’s personal assistant.

Has Rae Proctor appeared in the entertainment industry herself?

Rae Proctor has primarily worked behind the scenes as Martin Lawrence’s personal assistant and has not pursued a career in front of the camera.

What is known about Rae Proctor’s family background?

Along with Robert, Ursula, and Martin Lawrence, Rae Proctor is a member of the Lawrence family. Alongside their parents, John and Chlora Lawrence, they shared a childhood.


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