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Cloee Russell – D’Angelo Russell’s Sister | Know About Her

Cloee Russell – D’Angelo Russell’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 17, 2024

Meet Cloee Russell, the sister of NBA star D’Angelo Russell. While her brother shines on the basketball court, Cloee prefers to keep a low profile. Let’s delve into what we know about her.

Quick Facts About Cloee Russell Details
Full Name Cloee Russell
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Single
Age 20+ (as of 2024)
Parents Father: Antonio Russell Sr
Mother: Keisha Rowe
Siblings D’Angelo Russell, Antonio Russell Jr., Lashaun Russell, Tayshaun Russell
Children None
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life:

Cloee Russell was born into the Russell family alongside her brothers Antonio, Lashaun, and Tayshaun, and her parents Antonio Russell Sr and Keisha Rowe. Growing up, Cloee shared moments of joy and sibling camaraderie with her brothers, supporting each other along the way.

D'Angelo Russell with his father Antonio Russell
D’Angelo Russell with his father Antonio Russell

Family Support:

Similar to her brothers, Cloee has been D’Angelo’s rock during his basketball career. D’Angelo’s achievements both on and off the court may be attributed in large part to the Russell family’s steadfast support.

Personal Life:

Cloee cherishes her privacy even if she is linked to a well-known athlete. She makes the decision to avoid the spotlight and concentrate on leading a private life free from prying eyes. Her desire for a typical, private existence is evident in this decision.

D'Angelo Russell with his mother Keisha Rowe
D’Angelo Russell with his mother Keisha Rowe

Sibling Bond:

The bond between Cloee and her brothers is strong. While D’Angelo’s basketball career has taken center stage, Cloee remains a constant presence in his life, offering love, support, and encouragement.

Career and Interests:

While details about Cloee’s career and interests are scarce, it’s evident that she leads a fulfilling life beyond the public eye. Whether pursuing her passions or spending time with loved ones, Cloee cherishes life’s simple pleasures.

Relationship with D’Angelo:

Cloee shares a special bond with her brother D’Angelo. Despite his fame and busy schedule, D’Angelo makes time for family, often expressing gratitude for their love and support.

New Addition to the Family:

In 2022, D’Angelo and his partner Laura Ivaniukas welcomed a son, Riley Jonan Russell, making Cloee an aunt. The arrival of Riley Jonan further strengthens the bond within the Russell family, bringing joy and happiness to all.

Privacy and Respect:

Although admirers might be intrigued by Cloee’s existence, it’s crucial to honor her privacy. Like everyone else, Cloee has the right to live her life at her own pace, unhindered by prying eyes or rumors.

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FAQs About Cloee Russell

Who is Cloee Russell?

Cloee Russell is the sister of NBA player D’Angelo Russell.

What is Cloee Russell’s relation to D’Angelo Russell?

Cloee Russell is D’Angelo Russell’s sister.

How many siblings does Cloee Russell have?

Cloee Russell has three brothers: D’Angelo Russell, Antonio Russell Jr., Lashaun Russell, and a sister named Tayshaun Russell.


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