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Lashaun Russell – D Angelo Russell’s Brother | Know About Him

Lashaun Russell – D Angelo Russell’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 27, 2024

In the life of the well-known basketball player D’Angelo Russell, Lashaun Russell plays a significant role. Lashaun, D’Angelo’s elder brother, has had a big influence on how he has gone throughout his career, both on and off the court.

Quick Facts About Lashaun Russell Details
Full Name Lashaun Russell
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Single
Age 20+ (as of 2024)
Parents Father: Antonio Russell Sr
Mother: Keisha Rowe
Sister Cloee Russell
Brothers Antonio Russell Jr, Tayshaun Russell, D Angelo Russell
Networth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Family Support and Connection

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Lashaun was part of a close-knit family that included D’Angelo, their brother Antonio, and sister Cloee. Their parents, Antonio Russell Sr and Keisha Rowe, provided a strong foundation of support and encouragement for their children’s endeavors.

D'Angelo Russell with his mother Keisha Rowe
D’Angelo Russell with his mother Keisha Rowe

Sibling Bond

Being only two years older than D’Angelo, Lashaun has a unique affinity with him. Together with their brother Tayshaun, they created a close-knit group that promoted friendly rivalry and unity. It’s highly possible that D’Angelo’s growth as a person and as a basketball player was greatly influenced by his sibling relationship.

Influence on D’Angelo’s Career

Even though Lashaun may not have been as involved in athletics as D’Angelo was, his impact and influence are still very much felt. D’Angelo’s motivation to excel on the basketball floor was fueled by his siblings’ rivalry. D’Angelo probably gained important perspective and encouragement from Lashaun’s leadership and assistance during his NBA career.

D'Angelo Russell with his father Antonio Russell
D’Angelo Russell with his father Antonio Russell

Life Beyond Basketball

Even though Lashaun is not as well-known as D’Angelo, his influence goes beyond sports. He has been a source of strength and inspiration for D’Angelo, both personally and professionally, as a loving brother and part of the Russell family.

Family Values and Unity

The Russell family’s values of love, support, and unity have undoubtedly contributed to D’Angelo’s success. Lashaun, along with his siblings and parents, has been instrumental in fostering an environment where D’Angelo could thrive and pursue his dreams.

Personal Relationships

Lashaun is more than just D’Angelo’s brother; he has a life of his own and hobbies. His presence in the Russell family is evidence of the value of links and ties inside the family, even though facts about his personal life may not be as well known.

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FAQs About Lashaun Russell

Who is Lashaun Russell?

Lashaun Russell is the older brother of NBA basketball player D’Angelo Russell. He has played a significant role in D’Angelo’s life and career.

What is Lashaun Russell’s relationship with D’Angelo Russell?

D’Angelo’s elder brother, Lashaun, and he have a strong relationship. They had a close sibling bond while growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, and it had an impact on D’Angelo’s basketball career and other endeavors.

Does Lashaun Russell have any other siblings?

Yes, Lashaun has a sister named Cloee and two additional brothers named Antonio and Tayshaun. The Russell family, which consists of them all, has helped D’Angelo throughout his career.


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